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2005A preliminary equine abuse policy with potential application ot veterinary practice = Politique préliminaire sur les mauvais traitements infligés aux chevaux et applications possibles en pratique vétérinaireChristie, Julie L.; Hewson, Caroline J.; Riley, Christopher Bruce; McNiven, Mary A.; Dohoo, Ian; Bate, Luis A.
2007Clinical reasoning and decision analysisCockcroft, P.
2006Prevalence of Neospora caninum infection in Australian (NSW) dairy cattle estimated by a newly validated ELISA for milkHall, C.; Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2003Genomics and its impact on parasitology and the potential for development of new parasite control methodsEllis, J.; Morrison, D.; Reichel, M.
2006Analgesia and anesthesia in camelidsPereira, Garcia; Greene, Stephen A.; McEwen, Margaret-Mary; Keegan, Robert D.
2008Propylthiouracil for treatment of hyperthyroidism in a horseTan, Rachel H. H.; Davies, Sarah; Crisman, Mark V.; Coyle, L.; Daniel, Gregory B.
2006Nonstrangulating small colon obstruction caused by a submucosal haematomaStahel, S.; Riley, Christopher Bruce; Wichtel, M. E. G.; Daoust, P-Y.
2007Comparative histopathology of two serotypes of infectious bronchitis virus (T and N1/88) in laying hens and cockerelsChousalkar, K.; Roberts, J.; Reece, R.
2007Immunisation of cattle with live tachyzoites of Neospora caninum confers protection against foetal deathWilliams, D.; Guy, C.; Smith, R.; Ellis, J.; Bjorkman, C.; Reichel, M.; Trees, A.
2007The safety of a plant-based nutraceutical for behaviour in cats and dogsGriffiths, T.; Reichel, M.; Seewald, W.; Ketzis, J.