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2007Preparation of targeting vehicles for the delivery of N-bisphosphonatesRodriguez-Lorenzo, L. M.; Fernandez, M.; Parra, J.; Vazquez, B.; Lopez-Bravo, A.; San Roman, J.; Gross, K. A.; Anderson, Gail Irene
2001Synovitis subsequent to total-hip arthroplasty with and without hydroxyapatite coatings: A study in dogsAnderson, Gail Irene; Orlando, Kent; Waddell, James P.
2002In vitro osteoclast resorption of bone substitute biomaterials used for implant site augmentations: A pilot studyTaylor, James C.; Cuff, Sheldon E.; Leger, James P. L.; Morra, Amani; Anderson, Gail Irene
2002Mechanical characterization of a novel cell stimulating system (CSS) to apply dynamic, uniform and isotropic biaxial strains to cells in vitroJahangir, A.; Lee, J. M.; Waldman, S. D.; Anderson, Gail Irene
2006In vitro heterogeneity of osteogenic cell populations at various equine skeletal sitesMcDuffee, L.; Anderson, G.; Wright, G.; Ryan, D.
2005Mechanical loading modulates glutamate receptor subunit expression in boneSzczesniak, A.; Gilbert, R.; Mukhida, M.; Anderson, G.
2004The effect of Gu-Sui-Bu (Drynaria fortunei) on bone cell activitySun, J.; Theriault, B.; Anderson, G.
2008Resolving how inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase activity can ameliorate DSS induced colitis in miceYazbeck, R.; Sulda, M.; Howarth, G.S.; Holst, J.J.; Demuth, H.U.; Abbott, C.A.; 2008 Australian Gastroenterology Week (22 Oct 2008 - 25 Oct 2008 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2009What is your diagnosis?Davies, Sarah E.; Barber, Don
2009KGF and EGF signalling block hair follicle induction and promote interfollicular epidermal fate in developing mouse skinRichardson, G.; Bazzi, H.; Fantauzzo, K.; Waters, J.; Crawford, H.; Hynd, P.; Christiano, A.; Jahoda, C.