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2009Dietary protein intake and stage of lactation differentially modulate amino acid transporter mRNA abundance in porcine mammary tissueLaspiur, J.; Burton, J.; Weber, P.; Moore, J.; Kirkwood, R.; Trottier, N.
2009Branched-chain amino acids are required for the survival and virulence of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in swineSubashchandrabose, S.; LeVeque, R.; Wagner, T.; Kirkwood, R.; Kiupel, M.; Mulks, M.
2009Supplementation of diets for gestating sows with zinc amino acid complex and gastric intubation of suckling pigs with zinc-methionine on mineral status, intestinal morphology and bacterial translocation in lipopolysaccharide-challenged early-weaned pigsCaine, W.; Metzler-Zebeli, B.; McFall, M.; Miller, B.; Ward, T.; Kirkwood, R.; Mosenthin, R.
2009Effect of prior FSH treatment on the estrus and ovulation responses to eCG in prepubertal giltsManjarin, R.; Dominguez, J.; Castro, M.; Vallado, B.; Rodriguez, S.; Sprecher, D.; Cassar, G.; Friendship, R.; Kirkwood, R.
2008Role of luteinizing hormone in primiparous sow responses to split weaningZak, L.; Foxcroft, G.; Aherne, F.; Kirkwood, R.
2008Fertility after intrauterine insemination with conventional or low numbers of spermatozoa in sows with synchronized ovulationPelland, C.; Cassar, G.; Kirkwood, R.; Friendship, R.
2008Influence of stage of gestation at grouping and presence of boars on farrowing rate and litter size of group-housed sowsCassar, G.; Kirkwood, R.; Seguin, M.; Widowski, T.; Farzan, A.; Zanella, A.; Friendship, R.
2009Effect of eCG or eCG plus hCG on oestrus expression and ovulation in prepubertal giltsManjarin, R.; Cassar, G.; Sprecher, D.; Friendship, R.; Dominguez, J.; Kirkwood, R.
2008Practical application of seminal plasmaKirkwood, R.; Vadnais, M.; Abad, M.
2008Effect of hCG on early luteal serum progesterone concentrations in PG600-treated giltsManjarin, R.; Dominguez, J.; Castro, M.; Alegre, B.; Driancourt, M.; Kirkwood, R.