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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002In vitro osteoclast resorption of bone substitute biomaterials used for implant site augmentations: A pilot studyTaylor, James C.; Cuff, Sheldon E.; Leger, James P. L.; Morra, Amani; Anderson, Gail Irene
2002Mechanical characterization of a novel cell stimulating system (CSS) to apply dynamic, uniform and isotropic biaxial strains to cells in vitroJahangir, A.; Lee, J. M.; Waldman, S. D.; Anderson, Gail Irene
2002Effect of dietary protein level, amino acid balance and feeding level on growth, gastrointestinal tract, and mucosal structure of the small intestine in broiler chickensSwatson, Harry Kofi; Gous, Robert; Iji, Paul Ade; Zarrinkalam, Reza
2002Cytology of haematological cells of otariid seals indigenous to Australasian watersClark, P.; Boardman, W.; Duignan, P.
2002Exercise- and metabolism-associated blood variables in Standardbreds fed either a low- or a high-fat dietSloet van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan, M.; Annee, M.; Verdegaal, E.; Lemmens, A.; Beynen, A.
2002Genome-wide search for markers associated with bovine spongiform encephalopathyHernández-Sánchez, J.; Waddington, D.; Wiener, P.; Haley, C.; Williams, J.
2002Adjustment of the measurement of beef carcass eye muscle area for rib siteRutley, D.; Deland, M.; Pitchford, W.
2002Are there meat quality differences between cattle breeds in southern Australia?Pitchford, W.; Kruk, Z.; Stephens, E.; Speck, P.; Deland, M.
2002Intragenic haplotypes at the bovine CSN1S1 locusJann, O.; Prinzenberg, E.M.; Brandt, H.; Williams, J.L.; Ajmone-Marsan, P.; Zaragoza, P.; Özbeyaz, C.; Erhardt, G.
2002Improved production of Neospora caninum oocysts, cyclical oral transmission between dogs and cattle, and in vitro isolation from oocystsGondim, L.F.P.; Gao, L.; McAllister, M.M.