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2006If control of Neospora caninum infection is technically feasible does it make economic sense?Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2006Prevalence of Neospora caninum infection in Australian (NSW) dairy cattle estimated by a newly validated ELISA for milkHall, C.; Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2006Analgesia and anesthesia in camelidsPereira, Garcia; Greene, Stephen A.; McEwen, Margaret-Mary; Keegan, Robert D.
2006Nonstrangulating small colon obstruction caused by a submucosal haematomaStahel, S.; Riley, Christopher Bruce; Wichtel, M. E. G.; Daoust, P-Y.
2006Equine joint anatomy, biochemistry and pathology: a refresher for the practitionerRiley, Christopher Bruce; Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Convention (58th : 2006 : St John's, Canada); CVMA 2006
2006In vitro heterogeneity of osteogenic cell populations at various equine skeletal sitesMcDuffee, L.; Anderson, G.; Wright, G.; Ryan, D.
2006Detection of bovine coronavirus by RT-PCR in a field studyKhalili, M.; Morshedi, A.; Keyvanfar, H.; Hemmatzadeh, F.
2006Antigenic pattern of BVD viruses isolated in IranHemmatzadeh, F.; Momtaz, H.; Keyvanfar, H.; Banihasan, E.
2006Ostrich nutrition and feedingGlatz, P.; Miao, Z.; World Ostrich Congress (13th : 2006 : Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2006Integration of hens into a crop and pasture rotation system in Australia-production and agronomic aspectsMiao, Z.; Glatz, P.; Ru, Y.; Wyatt, S.; Rodda, B.; Australian Poultry Science Sumposium (18th : 2006 : Sydney, Australia)