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2012DNA detection using molecular beacon in soft-glass microstructured optical fibersNguyen, L.; Warren-Smith, S.; Cooper, A.; Monro, T.; International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (22nd : 2012 : Beijing, China)
2013Enhancing the radiation efficiency of dye doped microresonators using coupling effects with a suspended core microstructured optical fiberFrançois, A.; Afshar, S.; Rowland, K.; Henderson, M.; Monro, T.; Photonics West, LASE (2013 : San Francisco, California)
2011Light enhancement within nanoholes in high index contrast nanowiresRuan, Y.; Afshar Vahid, S.; Monro, T.
2012Excitation and lasing of whispering gallery modes in dye doped microspheres at the tip of a microstructured optical fiber and application for a sensitive dip sensor architectureRowland, K.; François, A.; Monro, T.; Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Applications (12th : 2012 : San Francisco, CA)
2013Sensing explosives with suspended core fibers: Identification and quantification using Raman spectroscopyTsiminis, G.; Chu, F.; Spooner, N.; Monro, T.; Photonics West (2013 : San Francisco, California)
2012Radiative-SPR platform for the detection of apolipoprotein E for use in medical diagnosticsSciacca, B.; François, A.; Penno, M.; Brazzatti, J.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Hoffmann, P.; Monro, T.; Plasmonics in Biology and Medicine (9th : 2012 : San Francisco, USA)
2007Extruded high-NA microstructured polymer optical fibreEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.; van Eijkelenborg, M.; Large, M.
2011A new class of 2µm waveguide laser produced by fs direct writing of Tm3+ and Ho3+ doped ZBLAN glassLancaster, D.; Gross, S.; Ng, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.; Fuerbach, A.; Withford, M.; IQEC/CLEO (2011 : Sydney, Australia)
2016Air-clad holmium-doped silica fiber laserNg, S.; Lancaster, D.; Monro, T.; Henry, P.; Ottaway, D.
2012Modelling and fabrication of a leaky mode depressed clad Ho³⁺ fiberNg, S.; Lancaster, D.; Ottaway, D.; Monro, T.; Frontiers in Optics (2012 : Rochester, New York, U.S.A.)