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2009Overriding of the preseptal orbicularis oculi muscle in Caucasian cadaversKakizaki, H.; Chan, W.; Takahashi, Y.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2011Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy in acute dacryocystitis: a multicenter case seriesMadge, S.; Chan, W.; Malhotra, R.; Ghabrial, R.; Floreani, S.; Wormald, P.; Tsirbas, A.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2010Management of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructionTakahashi, Y.; Kakizaki, H.; Chan, W.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2009Common sequence variation in the VEGFA gene predicts risk of diabetic retinopathyAbhary, S.; Burdon, K.; Gupta, A.; Lake, S.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Petrovsky, N.; Craig, J.
2008Perineural involvement of the frontal nerve by benign lymphoid hyperplasiaPrabhakaran, V.; Crompton, J.; Singhall, N.; Madge, S.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2009Eyelash inversion in epiblepharon: Is it caused by redundant skin?Kakizaki, H.; Leibovitch, I.; Takahashi, Y.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2009Dynamic pupillary abnormalities associated with orbital varicesAggarwal, E.; Madge, S.; Crompton, J.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2008Non-traumatic enophthalmos: a reviewAthanasiov, P.; Prabhakaran, V.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2010The lacrimal bypass tube for lacrimal pump failure attributable to facial palsyMadge, S.; Malhotra, R.; deSousa, J.; McNab, A.; O'Donnell, B.; Dolman, P.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2008Pseudoexfoliation in a rural Burmese population: the Meiktila eye studyAbdul-Rahman, A.; Casson, R.; Newland, H.; Muecke, J.; McGovern, S.; Aung, T.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Aung, T.