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2010Assessment of the current ocular health practices within neonatal units in the city of Sao Paulo, BrazilCaligaris, L.; Medina, N.; Durkin, S.; Haro-Munoz, E.; Chinen, N.
2008Surgical Technique for Removal of Posteriorly Dislocated Capsular Tension RingJain, R.; Bakde, D.; Newland, H.
2008Sutureless vitrectomyWarrier, S.; Jain, R.; Gilhotra, J.; Newland, H.
2010Homonymous hemianopia captured on automated perimetry during a migraine episodeLuu, Susie TuNhi; Pesudovs, K.; Lee, Andrew Wai-Mun; Chen, Celia S.
2011Endoscopic transethmoidal and transconjunctival inferior Fornix approaches for repairing the combined medial wall and orbital floor blowout fracturesWu, Wencan; Yan, Wentao; Cannon, Paul S.; Jiang, Alice C.
2009Nineteen-year delayed-onset phacolytic uveitis following dislocation of the crystalline lensChu, Edward Rickie L; Durkin, Shane Raymond; Keembiyage, Ranasiri D.; Nathan, Francis; Raymond, Grant Leslie
2009Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis secondary to mycoplasma pneumoniaeGupta, A.; Kimber, T.; Crompton, J.; Karagiannis, A.
2009Sudden loss of vision - Investigation and managementGoold, L.; Durkin, S.; Crompton, J.
2014Modification of the Miyake-Apple technique for simultaneous anterior and posterior video imaging of wet laboratory-based corneal surgeryTan, J.; Meadows, H.; Gupta, A.; Yeung, S.; Moloney, G.
2008Maintenance of portable operating microscopes in developing countries: the Myanmar experienceGoold, L.; Staples, B.; Muecke, J.; Newland, H.