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2010Gaze-evoked amaurosis - post reconstruction of orbital floor fracture with a bone graft: Case reportKumar, R.; Madge, S.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Pirgousis, P.; Goss, A.
2018PAX6 molecular analysis and genotype-phenotype correlations in families with aniridia from Australasia and Southeast AsiaSouzeau, E.; Rudkin, A.; Dubowsky, A.; Casson, R.; Muecke, J.; Mancel, E.; Whiting, M.; Mills, R.; Burdon, K.; Craig, J.
2008Eye health programs within remote Aboriginal communities in Australia: a review of the literatureDurkin, S.
2011Homozygous mutations in PXDN cause congenital cataract, corneal opacity, and developmental glaucomaKhan, K.; Rudkin, A.; Parry, D.; Burdon, K.; McKibbin, M.; Logan, C.; Abdelhamed, Z.; Muecke, J.; Fernandez-Fuentes, N.; Laurie, K.; Shires, M.; Fogarty, R.; Carr, I.; Poulter, J.; Morgan, J.; Mohamed, M.; Jafri, H.; Raashid, Y.; Meng, N.; Piseth, H.; et al.
2010A survey of visual impairment and blindness in children attending four schools for the blind in CambodiaSia, I.; Muecke, J.; Hammerton, M.; Ngy, M.; Kong, A.; Morse, A.; Holmes, M.; Piseth, H.; Hamilton, C.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2016Endoscopic transretracaruncular-middle meteas tract for insertion of a porous polyethylene-coated Jones tubeYu, S.; Yan, W.; Selva, D.; Qian, Z.; Sun, M.; Daniel, P.; Tu, Y.; Yu, B.; Wu, W.
2020The genetic and clinical landscape of nanophthalmos and posterior microphthalmos in an Australian cohortSiggs, O.M.; Awadalla, M.S.; Souzeau, E.; Staffieri, S.E.; Kearns, L.S.; Laurie, K.; Kuot, A.; Qassim, A.; Edwards, T.L.; Coote, M.A.; Mancel, E.; Walland, M.J.; Dondey, J.; Galanopoulous, A.; Casson, R.J.; Mills, R.A.; MacArthur, D.G.; Ruddle, J.B.; Burdon, K.P.; Craig, J.E.
2011Visual acuity recovery in traumatic optic neuropathy following endoscopic optic nerve decompression: a case reportWu, W.; Sia, D.; Cannon, P.; Selva, D.; Tu, Y.; Qu, J.
2009Mitomycin-C as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of sebaceous gland carcinoma in high-risk locationsRudkin, A.; Muecke, J.
2010Extramedullary plasmacytoma arising from the lacrimal glandSia, I.; Cannon, P.; Selva-Nayagam, D.