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2019Bees of the Victorian Alps: network structure and interactions of introduced speciesJohanson, L.G.; Hoffmann, A.A.; Walker, K.L.; Nash, M.A.
2012Comparative thermoregulatory physiology of two dunnarts, Sminthopsis macroura and Sminthopsis ooldea (Marsupialia:Dasyuridae)Tomlinson, S.; Withers, P.C.; Maloney, S.K.
2018Dietary protein supplementation and its consequences for intake, digestion, and physical activity of a carnivorous marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudataYuan, L.; Wilder, S.; Raubenheimer, D.; Simpson, S.J.; Shaw, M.; McAllan, B.M.
2019Underwater hearing in sea snakes (Hydrophiinae): first evidence of auditory evoked potential thresholdsChapuis, L.; Kerr, C.C.; Collin, S.P.; Hart, N.S.; Sanders, K.L.
2015Selection and interpretation of diagnostic tests in aquaculture biosecurityCaraguel, C.; Gardner, I.; Hammell, L.
2012Aspects of the biology of Galaxias maculatusLaurenson, L.; French, R.; Jones, P.; Ierodiaconou, D.; Gray, S.; Versace, V.; Rattray, A.; Brown, S.; Monk, J.
2019Phylogenetic relationships of the cuscuses (Diprotodontia: Phalangeridae) of island Southeast Asia and Melanesia based on the mitochondrial ND2 geneKealy, S.; Donnellan, S.C.; Mitchell, K.J.; Herrera, M.; Aplin, K.; O'Connor, S.; Louys, J.
2019Evolution of the eyes of vipers with and without infrared-sensing pit organsGower, D.J.; Sampaio, F.L.; Peichl, L.; Wagner, H.J.; Loew, E.R.; McLamb, W.; Douglas, R.H.; Orlov, N.; Grace, M.S.; Hart, N.S.; Hunt, D.M.; Partridge, J.C.; Simões, B.F.
2019Phototactic tails: evolution and molecular basis of a novel sensory trait in sea snakesCrowe-Riddell, J.M.; Simões, B.F.; Partridge, J.C.; Hunt, D.M.; Delean, S.; Schwerdt, J.G.; Breen, J.; Ludington, A.; Gower, D.J.; Sanders, K.L.
2018Genetic divergence between colonies of Flesh-footed Shearwater Ardenna carneipes exhibiting different foraging strategiesLombal, A.; Wenner, T.; Lavers, J.; Austin, J.; Woehler, E.; Hutton, I.; Burridge, C.