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2016Patterns of postnatal ontogeny of the skull and lower jaw of snakes as revealed by micro-CT scan data and three-dimensional geometric morphometricsPalci, A.; Lee, M.; Hutchinson, M.
2015Ecological correlates to cranial morphology in Leporids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha)Kraatz, B.; Sherratt, E.; Bumacod, N.; Wedel, M.
2018Phylogeography of southern brown and golden bandicoots: implications for the taxonomy and distribution of endangered subspecies and speciesCooper, S.J.B.; Ottewell, K.; MacDonald, A.J.; Adams, M.; Byrne, M.; Carthew, S.M.; Eldridge, M.D.B.; Li, Y.; Pope, L.C.; Saint, K.M.; Westerman, M.
2019Heterochronic shifts mediate ecomorphological convergence in skull shape of microcephalic sea snakesSherratt, E.; Sanders, K.; Watson, A.; Hutchinson, M.; Lee, M.S.Y.; Palci, A.
2017Ontogenetic comparisons of standard metabolism in three species of crocodiliansGienger, C.; Brien, M.; Tracy, C.; Manolis, S.; Webb, G.; Seymour, R.; Christian, K.; Clark, T.D.
2012Discovery of a new family of amphibians from northeast India with ancient links to AfricaKamei, R.; San Mauro, D.; Gower, D.; Van Bocxlaer, I.; Sherratt, E.; Thomas, A.; Babu, S.; Bossuyt, F.; Wilkinson, M.; Biju, S.
2016Getting a head in hard soils: convergent skull evolution and divergent allometric patterns explain shape variation in a highly diverse genus of pocket gophers (Thomomys)Marcy, A.; Hadly, E.; Sherratt, E.; Garland, K.; Weisbecker, V.
2014Transitions during cephalopod life history: the role of habitat, environment, functional morphology and behaviourRobin, J.P.; Roberts, M.; Zeidberg, L.; Bloor, I.; Rodriguez, A.; Briceño, F.; Downey, N.; Mascaro, M.; Navarro, M.; Guerra, A.; Hofmeister, J.; Barcellos, D.D.; Lourenço, S.A.; Roper, C.F.; Moltschaniwskyj, N.A.; Green, C.P.; Mather, J.; Jefferson, T.A.; Curry, B.E.
2019Psychology, not technology, is our biggest challenge to open digital morphology dataHipsley, C.; Sherratt, E.