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Type: Journal article
Title: Fracture resistance and microtensile bond strength of maxillary premolars restored with two resin composite inlay systems
Author: Sun, Y.
Chen, Y.
Smales, R.
Yip, K.
Citation: American Journal of Dentistry, 2008; 21(2):97-100
Publisher: Mosher & Linder Inc
Issue Date: 2008
ISSN: 0894-8275
Statement of
Sun Ya-Shou, Chen Ya-Ming, Smales Roger J and Yip Kevin H K
Abstract: PURPOSE: To compare the in vitro fracture resistance and the microtensile bond strength (muTBS) of premolar teeth restored with two light-cured resin composite inlay systems. METHODS: 50 sound human maxillary premolars were divided randomly into five equal groups. Four groups received mesial-occlusal-distal (MOD) inlay preparations. Restorative treatments comprised: Group 1 (Renew direct resin composite), Group 2 (Renew direct resin composite inlay), Group 3 (Tescera indirect resin composite inlay), Group 4 (non-restored), Group 5 (intact). All teeth were loaded axially until fracture. The same resin-based materials as used in Groups 1-3 were bonded to the superficial coronal dentin of 15 teeth. Beams approximately 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm were prepared and tested in microtensile mode. Results were compared using one-way ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparison tests. RESULTS: Mean fracture strengths (KN): Group 1, 2.06 (0.76); Group 2, 2.30 (0.49); Group 3, 2.62 (0.68); Group 4, 1.24 (0.44); Group 5, 2.40 (0.71). Group 4 was significantly weaker that the other four groups, P < 0.01. Mean muTBSs (MPa): Group 1, 33.38 (6.24); Group 2, 20.38 (6.24); Group 3, 20.87 (4.62). Group 1 was significantly stronger than the other two groups, P < 0.01.
Keywords: Maxilla; Bicuspid; Dentin; Humans; Tooth Fractures; Aluminum Oxide; Methacrylates; Composite Resins; Materials Testing; Dental Bonding; Dental Etching; Acid Etching, Dental; Dental Restoration Failure; Inlays; Dental Cavity Preparation; Stress, Mechanical; Tensile Strength
RMID: 0020083708
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