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Type: Patent
Title: Implant for insertion between spinal column vertebrae
Author: Fuss, Franz Konstantin
Sabitzer, Ronald J.
Publisher: Aesculap AG & Co. KG (Tuttlingen, DE)
Issue Date: 2003
School/Discipline: School of Mechanical Engineering
Statement of
Fuss, Franz Konstantin and Sabitzer, Ronald J.
Abstract: An implant for insertion between vertebrae of the verterbral column having a substantially rectangular or trapezoidal cross-section and covering faces adapted to face the adjacent vertebrae which are porous and/or designed with a profile. The implant has such a width that it substantially covers at the maximum the rear half of the vertebrae facing the spinous process, preferably at the maximum the rear third of the vertebrae facing the spinous process, and such a length that it substantially covers the rear region of the vertebrae. The limiting surface of the implant facing the inside of the vertebrae and extending in the direction of the adjacent vertebrae is convex. This enables an adequate and reliable supporting function to be achieved with only one implant and can easily be inserted sideways from behind.
Description: Application Number: 09/620031 Publication Date: 05/13/2003
Copyright 2003
Patent #: United States Patent 6562072
RMID: 0020094466
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