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Type: Patent
Title: Intervertebral implant
Author: Fuss, Franz Konstantin
Sabitzer, Ronald J.
Eckhof, Stephan
Publisher: Aesculap AG & Co
Issue Date: 2003
School/Discipline: School of Mechanical Engineering
Statement of
Fuss, Franz Konstantin, Sabitzer, Ronald J. and Eckhof, Stephan
Abstract: In an intervertebral implant having an upper and a lower supporting surface for abutment with adjacent vertebral bodies, having a concave dorsal longitudinal side, a ventral longitudinal side lying opposite the latter, having a rounded contour at the two end faces connecting the longitudinal sides and having at least one hole extending through the implant from the upper to the lower supporting surface, in order to facilitate the introduction of bone material after insertion of the intervertebral implant into an intervertebral space it is proposed that in the region of the middle portion of the ventral longitudinal side at least one introduction channel for bone material, which extends through the implant, exits from the implant.
Description: Application Number:09/917196 Publication Date:09/02/2003 Filing Date:07/27/2001
Patent #: United States Patent 6613090
RMID: 0020095320
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