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Type: Patent
Title: Landmine avoidance and protection device
Author: Fuss, Franz Konstantin
Tan, Ming A.
Publisher: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Issue Date: 2007
School/Discipline: School of Mechanical Engineering
Statement of
Fuss, Franz Konstantin and Tan, Ming Adin
Abstract: A mine avoidance and protection device has a frame adapted to be secured to a source of a load, such as the foot of a person. Attached to the frame are at least three support legs each extending from the frame. Each leg has a releasable joint between the leg and the frame. At least one detector is operable to provide a detection capability for each support leg, operable to detect a characteristic of a mine when at least a portion of the support leg is located proximate to the mine. An actuator operable to provide an actuation capability at the joint of each leg, to: constrain the joint to allow a load to be transmitted from the frame, through the joint and the support to the terrain. The actuator can also release the joint such that a load can not be transmitted from the frame through the joint. The joint between the plate and each leg may be a one degree-of-freedom prismatic joint or revolute joint.
Description: United States Patent Application 20070044645
Application Number:11/212120 Publication Date:03/01/2007 Filing Date:08/25/2005
Copyright 2007
RMID: 0020095324
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