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Type: Conference paper
Title: Singolarita fuori-piano indotte da effetti tridimensionali in prevalente modo 2
Author: Lazzarin, P.
Berto, F.
Kotooussov, A.
Harding, S.
Citation: Proceedings of AIAS – associazione italiana per l’analisi delle sollecitazioni xxxviii convegno nazionale, 9-11 settembre, 2009; pp.1-10
Publisher: AIAS
Publisher Place: Italy
Issue Date: 2009
Conference Name: AIAS 2009 (38th: 2009 : Torino, Italy)
Statement of
P. Lazzarin, F. Berto, A. Kotousov and S. Harding
Abstract: In the application of the Strain Energy Density (SED) approach for fatigue strength assessments of welded joints a well-defined control volume is considered. This volume surrounds the weld root or weld toe, both modelled like sharp (zero radius) V-notches with different opening angles. The volume becomes a circular sector under plane strain conditions, with the radius being about 0.3 mm for welded joints made of structural steel. The mean value of the SED mainly depends on the singular stress fields when the main plate thickness is large enough, whereas the influence of the T-stress component cannot be neglected in the case of thin-walled welded joints. Both contributions are directly accounted for by using finite element models, also when the relevant meshes are quite coarse. This fact makes the application of the SED approach easier than any stress-based approach in the case of complex structures. Due to three-dimensional effects, a non conventional out-of-plane singular mode can be present, in addition to mode I and mode II stress singularities according to Williams’ solution. This out-of-plane mode, which has recently been presented by Kotousov, is discussed here with reference to welded (seam) lap joints under tensileshear loads.
Rights: (c) 2009 AIAS
RMID: 0020095757
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