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2004The Abbey pain scale: a 1-minute numerical indicator for people with end-stage dementiaAbbey, J.; Piller, N.; De Bellis, A.; Esterman, A.; Parker, D.; Giles, L.; Lowcay, B.
2013Aberrant lipid metabolism: an emerging diagnostic and therapeutic target in ovarian cancerPyragius, C.; Fuller, M.; Ricciardelli, C.; Oehler, M.
2009Aberrant processing of plasma vitronectin and high-molecular-weight kininogen precedes the onset of preeclampsiaBlumenstein, Marion; Prakash, Roneel; Cooper, Garth J. S.; North, Robyn Adele
2001Abnormal fetal growth is not associated with altered chorionic villous expression of vascular endothelial growth factor mRNALash, G.; Macpherson, A.; Liu, D.; Smith, D.; Charnock-Jones, S.; Baker, P.
2008Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health: Acting now for a health futureBoyle, J.; Rumbold, A.; Clarke, M.; Hughes, C.; Kane, S.
2013Aboriginal Families Study: a population-based study keeping community and policy goals in mind right from the startBuckskin, M.; Ah Kit, J.; Glover, K.; Mitchell, A.; Miller, R.; Weetra, D.; Wiebe, J.; Yelland, J.; Newbury, J.; Robinson, J.; Brown, S.
2002Aboriginal teenage pregnancies compared with non-Aboriginal in South Australia 1995-1999Westenberg, L.; van der Klis, K.; Chan, A.; Dekker, G.; Keane, R.
1997Absence of innervation of the uteroplacental arteries in normal and abnormal human pregnanciesKhong, Teck Yee; Tee, J. H.; Kelly, A. J.
1999Abundance of leptin mRNA in fetal adipose tissue is related to fetal body weightYuen, B.; McMillen, I.; Symonds, M.; Owens, P.
2011Accessing fertility treatment in New Zealand: a comparison of the clinical priority access criteria with a prediction model for couples with unexplained subfertilityFarquhar, C.; van den Boogaard, N.; Riddell, C.; MacDonald, A.; Chan, E.; Mol, B.
2009Accuracy of C-reactive protein determination in predicting chorioamnionitis and neonatal infection in pregnant women with premature rupture of membranes: a systematic reviewvan de Laar, R.; van der Ham, D.; Oei, S.; Willekes, C.; Weiner, C.; Mol, B.
2012Accuracy of circulating placental growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1 and soluble endoglin in the prediction of pre-eclampsia: a systematic review and meta-analysisKleinrouweler, C.; Wiegerinck, M.; Ris-Stalpers, C.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Post, J.; von Dadelszen, P.; Mol, B.; Pajkrt, E.
2010The accuracy of clinical parameters in the prediction of perinatal pulmonary hypoplasia secondary to midtrimester prelabour rupture of fetal membranes: a meta-analysisvan Teeffelen, S.; van der Ham, D.; Oei, S.; Porath, M.; Willekes, C.; Mol, B.
2013Accuracy of CT angiography in the diagnosis of acute gastrointestinal bleeding: systematic review and meta-analysisGarcia-Blazquez, V.; Vicente-Bartulos, A.; Olavarria-Delgado, A.; Plana, M.; van der Winden, D.; Zamora, J.
2012Accuracy of imaging parameters in the prediction of lethal pulmonary hypoplasia secondary to mid-trimester prelabor rupture of fetal membranes: a systematic review and meta-analysisvan Teeffelen, S.; van der Heijden, J.; Oei, S.; Porath, M.; Willekes, C.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.
2008Accuracy of mean arterial pressure and blood pressure measurements in predicting pre-eclampsia: systematic review and meta-analysisCnossen, J.; Vollebregt, K.; de Vrieze, N.; ter Riet, G.; Mol, B.; Franx, A.; Khan, K.; van der Post, J.
2008The accuracy of multivariate models predicting ovarian reserve and pregnancy after in vitro fertilization: a meta-analysisVerhagen, T.; Hendriks, D.; Bancsi, L.; Mol, B.; Broekmans, F.
2009The accuracy of risk scores in predicting ovarian malignancy: a systematic reviewGeomini, P.; Kruitwagen, R.; Bremer, G.; Cnossen, J.; Mol, B.
2009Accuracy of serum uric acid as a predictive test for maternal complications in pre-eclampsia: bivariate meta-analysis and decision analysisKoopmans, C.; van Pampus, M.; Groen, H.; Aarnoudse, J.; van den Berg, P.; Mol, B.
2012Accuracy of single progesterone test to predict early pregnancy outcome in women with pain or bleeding: Meta-analysis of cohort studiesVerhaegen, J.; Gallos, I.; van Mello, N.; Abdel-Aziz, M.; Takwoingi, Y.; Harb, H.; Deeks, J.; Mol, B.; Coomarasamy, A.