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2014Facilitators and barriers to external cephalic version for breech presentation at term among health care providers in the Netherlands: a quantitative analysisRosman, A.; Vlemmix, F.; Beuckens, A.; Rijnders, M.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.; Kok, M.; Fleuren, M.
2007Factors and perceptions that influence women's decisions to have a single embryo transferredDe Lacey, S.; Davies, M.; Homan, G.; Briggs, N.; Norman, R.
2003Factors associated with adverse perinatal outcome in the Term Breech TrialSu, Min; McLeod, Lynne; Ross, Susan; Willan, Andrew; Hannah, Walter J.; Hutton, Eileen; Hewson, Sheila A.; Hannah, Mary E.; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2013Factors attributing to the failure of endometrial sampling in women with postmenopausal bleedingVisser, N.; Breijer, M.; Herman, M.; Bekkers, R.; Veersema, S.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.; Timmermans, A.; Pijnenborg, J.
1997Failure of multitube sperm swim-up for sex preselectionDe Jonge, Christopher J.; Flaherty, Sean P.; Barnes, Annette M.; Swann, Nicholas J.; Matthews, Colin D.
2002Falling neonatal autopsy rates - Neonatologists, pathologists, and relatives need to boost neonatal pathologyKhong, T.
1995Falloposcopy for proximal tubal obstructionKerin, John Francis Paul
2006Falls in hospitalized patients: Can nursing information systems data predict falls?Giles, L.; Whitehead, C.; Jeffers, L.; McErlean, B.; Thompson, D.; Crotty, M.
2004Farrowing rates and litter size following transfer of vitrified porcine embryos into a commercial herdCameron, R.; Beebe, L.; Blackshaw, A.; Keates, H.
2012The FAST study: Fertility ASsessment and advice targeting lifestyle choices and behaviours: a pilot studyHoman, G.; Litt, J.; Norman, R.
2012Fatal fetal paternalismWilkinson, D.
2012Fatally flawed? A review and ethical analysis of lethal congenital malformationsWilkinson, D.; Thiele, P.; Watkins, A.; de Crespigny, L.
2013Fatally flawed? ReplyWilkinson, Dominic; Thiele, P.; Watkinson, A.; de Crespigny, Lachlan T.
1997Fatigue, alcohol and performance impairmentDawson, Drew; Reid, Kathryn J.
2012Fatty acid profile of pregnant women with asthmaMcLernon, P.; Wood, L.; Murphy, V.; Hodyl, N.; Clifton, V.
2020Feasibility and acceptability of the multi-component P3-MumBubVax antenatal intervention to promote maternal and childhood vaccination: A pilot studyKaufman, J.; Attwell, K.; Tuckerman, J.; O'Sullivan, J.; Omer, S.; Leask, J.; Regan, A.; Marshall, H.; Lee, K.; Snelling, T.; Perrett, K.; Wiley, K.; Giles, M.; Danchin, M.
2017Feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of a web-based computer-tailored physical activity intervention for pregnant women - the Fit4Two randomised controlled trialHayman, M.; Reaburn, P.; Browne, M.; Vandelanotte, C.; Alley, S.; Short, C.
2018Features of metabolic disorder in late adolescence are negatively associated with testicular function aT 20 years of age; evidence from a birth cohortHart, R.; Doherty, D.; Adams, L.; Huang, R.; Mori, T.; Minae, N.; MacLachlan, R.; Skakkebaek, N.; Norman, R.; Handelsman, D.; Olynyk, J.; Beilin, L.; 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE 2018) (01 Jul 2018 - 04 Jul 2018 : Barcelona, SPAIN)
2011Fecal butyrate levels vary widely among individuals but are usually increased by a diet high in resistant starchMcOrist, A.; Miller, R.; Bird, A.; Keogh, J.; Noakes, M.; Topping, D.; Conlon, M.
2017Fertility and obstetric outcomes after curettage versus expectant management in randomised and non-randomised women with an incomplete evacuation of the uterus after misoprostol treatment for miscarriageLemmers, M.; Verschoor, M.; Overwater, K.; Bossuyt, P.; Hendriks, D.; Hemelaar, M.; Schutte, J.; Adriaanse, A.; Ankum, W.; Huirne, J.; Mol, B.