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2014Obese father's metabolic state, adiposity, and reproductive capacity indicate son's reproductive healthMcPherson, N.; Fullston, T.; Bakos, H.; Setchell, B.; Lane, M.
2002The obese patient with infertility: A practical approach to diagnosis and treatmentMoran, L.; Norman, R.
2009Obese Women Exhibit Differences in Ovarian Metabolites, Hormones, and Gene Expression Compared with Moderate-Weight WomenRobker, R.; Akison, L.; Bennett, B.; Thrupp, P.; Chura, L.; Russell, D.; Lane, M.; Norman, R.
2008Obesity affects spontaneous pregnancy chances in subfertile, ovulatory womenvan der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Eijkemans, M.; Habbema, J.; Hompes, P.; Burggraaff, J.; Oosterhuis, G.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2012Obesity alone or with type 2 diabetes is associated with tissue specific alterations in DNA methylation and gene expression of PPARGC1A and IGF2Chen, M.; Macpherson, A.; Owens, J.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.
2002Obesity and infertilityNorman, R.
2009Obesity and Menstrual Irregularity: Associations With SHBG, Testosterone, and InsulinWei, S.; Schmidt, M.; Dwyer, T.; Norman, R.; Venn, A.
2013Obesity and oocyte qualityRobker, R.; Norman, R.
2000Obesity and reproductive disorders - The role of practical lifestyle changesNorman, R.
1998Obesity and reproductive disorders: a reviewNorman, R.; Clark, A.
2011Obesity and reproductive dysfunction in womenMoran, L.; Dodd, J.; Nisenblat, V.; Norman, R.
2008Obesity and risk of sleep related upper airway obstruction in Caucasian childrenKohler, M.; Lushington, K.; Couper, R.; Martin, A.; van den Heuvel, C.; Pamula, Y.; Kennedy, D.
2005Obesity in South Australian adults - prevalence, projections and generational assessment over 13 yearsDalGrande, E.; Gill, T.; Taylor, A.; Chittleborough, C.; Carter, P.
2002Obesity increases the risk of spontaneous abortion during infertility treatmentWang, X.; Davies, M.; Norman, R.
2007Obesity management in women with polycystic ovary syndromeLim, S.; Clifton, P.; Noakes, M.; Norman, R.
2003Obesity may confound relation of early pregnancy loss to risk of heart diseaseDavies, M.
2001Obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome and anovulation - how are they interrelated?Norman, R.
2006Obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility treatment - Lifestyle modification is paramountLord, J.; Norman, R.
1995Observer reliability in assessing placental maturity by histologyKhong, Teck Yee; Staples, Alan; Bendon, Robert W.; Chambers, H. M.; Gould, S. J.; Knowles, S.; Shen-Schwarz, S.
2006Obstetric litigation is asphyxiating our maternity servicesHankins, G.; MacLennan, A.; Speer, M.; Strunk, A.; Nelson, K.