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2003Radiofrequency ablation of liver tumours: assessment reportSutherland, L.; Middleton, Philippa Fairfax
2007A randomised control trial examining the effect of an antioxidant (Menevit) on pregnancy outcome during IVF-ICSI treatmentTremellen, K.; Miari, G.; Froiland, D.; Thompson, J.
2000A randomised controlled trial comparing birthing centre care with delivery suite care in Adelaide, AustraliaByrne, J.; Crowther, C.; Moss, J.
2019Randomised controlled trials evaluating endometrial scratching: assessment of methodological issuesLi, W.; Suke, S.; Wertaschnigg, D.; Lensen, S.; Wang, R.; Gurrin, L.; Mol, B.W.
2013A randomized clinical trial to evaluate the effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in embryo culture medium for in vitro fertilizationZiebe, S.; Loft, A.; Povlsen, B.; Erb, K.; Agerholm, I.; Aasted, M.; Gabrielsen, A.; Hnida, C.; Zobel, D.; Munding, B.; Bendz, S.; Robertson, S.
2015Randomized comparison of health-related quality of life in women with ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy of unknown location treated with systemic methotrexate or expectant managementVan Mello, N.; Mol, F.; Hajenius, P.; Ankum, W.; Mol, B.; Van Der Veen, F.; Van Wely, M.
2004A randomized controlled trial of a behavior advisory service for hospitalized older patients with confusionMador, J.; Giles, L.; Whitehead, C.; Crotty, M.
2002A randomized controlled trial of a soft double lumen embryo transfer catheter versus a firm single lumen catheter: significant improvements in pregnancy ratesMcDonald, J.; Norman, R.
2004A randomized controlled trial of ginger to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancySmith, C.; Crowther, C.; Willson, K.; Hotham, N.; McMillian, V.
2014A randomized controlled trial to assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of a nurse-led Antenatal Asthma Management Service in South Australia (AAMS study)Grzeskowiak, L.; Dekker, G.; Rivers, K.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Roy, A.; Davies, M.; Beilby, J.; Wilson, A.; Middleton, P.; Ruffin, R.; Karnon, J.; Clifton, V.
2013A randomized trial of planned cesarean or vaginal delivery for twin pregnancyBarrett, J.F.; Hannah, M.E.; Hutton, E.K.; Willan, A.R.; Allen, A.C.; Armson, B.A.; Gafni, A.; Joseph, K.; Mason, D.; Ohlsson, A.; Ross, S.; Sanchez, J.J.; Asztalos, E.V.
2012Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II study of AMG 386 combined with weekly paclitaxel in patients with recurrent ovarian cancerKarlan, B.; Oza, A.; Richardson, G.; Provencher, D.; Hansen, V.; Buck, M.; Chambers, S.; Ghatage, P.; Pippitt Jr, C.; Brown III, J.; Covens, A.; Nagarkar, R.; Davy, M.; Leath III, C.; Nguyen, H.; Stepan, D.; Weinreich, D.; Tassoudji, M.; Sun, Y.; Vergote, I.
2011Rapid hypnosis as an anaesthesia adjunct for evacuation of postpartum vulval haematomaWong, L.; Cyna, A.; Matthews, G.
2014Rapid target allopurinol concentrations in the hypoxic fetus after maternal administration during labourKaandorp, J.; van Den Broek, M.; Benders, M.; Oudijk, M.; Porath, M.; Oetomo, S.; Wouters, M.; van Elburg, R.; Franssen, M.; Bos, A.; Mol, B.; Visser, G.; van Bel, F.; Rademaker, C.; Derks, J.; De Haan, T.; Boon, J.; De Boer, I.; Rijnders, R.; Jacobs, C.; et al.
2013Rare copy number variation in cerebral palsyMcMichael, G.; Girirajan, S.; Moreno-De-Luca, A.; Gecz, J.; Shard, C.; Nguyen, L.; Nicholl, J.; Gibson, C.; Haan, E.; Eichler, E.; Martin, C.; MacLennan, A.
1994Rat ovary produces cytokines during ovulationBrannstrom, M.; Norman, R.; Seamark, R.; Robertson, S.
2012RBC transfusion leads to an improvement of physical fatigue in women with acute postpartum anemia: the WOMB study (NCT00335023)Prick, B.W.; Jansen, A.J.G.; Steegers, E.A.P.; Hop, W.C.J.; Essink-Bot, M.L.; Uyl-de Groot, C.A.; Papatsonis, D.N.M.; Akerboom, B.M.C.; Metz, G.C.H.; Bremer, H.A.; van Loon, A.J.; Stigter, R.H.; van der Post, J.A.M.; van Alphen, M.; Porath, M.; Rijnders, R.J.P.; Spaanderman, M.E.A.; Schippers, D.H.; Bloemenkamp, K.W.M.; Boers, K.E.; Scheepers, H.C.J.; Roumen, F.J.M.E.; Kwee, A.; Schuitemaker, N.W.E.; Mol, B.W.J.; van Rhenen, D.J.; Duvekot, J.J.; 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM 2012) (06 Feb 2012 - 11 Feb 2012 : Dallas, Texas)
2019Re-assessing microbiomes in the low-biomass reproductive nicheO'Callaghan, J.L.; Turner, R.; Dekker Nitert, M.; Barrett, H.L.; Clifton, V.; Pelzer, E.S.
2010Re: ESPGHAN Commentary and Education That Probiotics Substantially Reduce All-cause Mortality and Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm InfantsTarnow-Mordi, W.; Wilkinson, D.; Trivedi, A.; Sinn, J.; Dutta, S.; Parikh, T.; Lin, H.
2008Re: Excess of early onset multiple myeloma in endometrial cancer probands and their relatives suggests common susceptibilitySpurdle, A.; Webb, P.; Oehler, M.