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2006Effects of lifestyle modification in polycystic ovarian syndromeMoran, L.; Brinkworth, G.; Noakes, M.; Norman, R.
2003Hysteroscopic sterilization using a micro-insert device: results of a multicentre phase II studyKerin, John Francis Paul; Cooper, Jay M.; Price, Thomas; Herendael, Bruno J. Van; Cayuela-Font, Enrique; Cher, Daniel; Carignan, Charles S.
2003Microinsert nonincisional hysteroscopic sterilizationCooper, Jay M.; Carignan, Charles S.; Cher, Daniel; Kerin, John Francis Paul
2000Age and fertility in South Australian womenDavies, Michael John
2005Performance and endocrine responses of group housed weaner pigs exposed to the air quality of a commercial environmentLee, Connie K. Y.; Giles, L. R.; Bryden, W. L.; Downing, J. L.; Owens, Phillip Clyde; Kirby, A. C.; Winn, P. C.
2003Menopause [videorecording]: Evidence-based Answers to Your QuestionsMacLennan, A.
2003Bone morphogenic protein receptor-II is a key receptor for transmitting the actions of oocyte-secreted factors and growth differentiation factor-9 in granulosa cellsRitter, L.; Mottershead, D.; Jeffrey, L.; Kaivo-Oja, N.; Scott, S.; Ritvos, O.; Gilchrist, R.
2004WHI WHI WHI? Clarifying the interpretations of data from the Women's Health Initiative trialMacLennan, A.; Sturdee, D.
2001Long term function of cryopreserved ovarian tissue autografts in the common marmosetChoo, B.; Shaw, J.; Gilchrist, R.; Warnes, G.; Trouson, A.
2004Commentary: public and private intervention rates in obstetric practiceDodd, J.; Robinson, J.