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2016A meta-analysis of neonatal health outcomes from oocyte donationAdams, D.; Clark, R.; Davies, M.; de Lacey, S.
2010Updated clinical recommendations for the use of tibolone in Asian womenHuang, Ko-En; Baber, Rodney J.; MacLennan, Alastair Harvey
2010Improving capacity for evidence-based practice in South East Asia: evaluating the role of research fellowships in the SEA-ORCHID ProjectShort, Jacki; McDonald, Steven J.; Turner, Tari; Martis, Ruth; SEA-ORCHID Study Group
2011Prediction of preeclampsia and delivery of small for gestational age babies based on a combination of clinical risk factors in high-risk womenSeed, Paul T.; Chappell, Lucy C.; Black, Michael A.; Poppe, Katrina K.; Hwang, Yuan-Chun; Kasabov, Nikola; McCowan, Lesley M. E.; Shennan, Andrew H.; Wu, Steven H.; Poston, Lucilla; North, Robyn Adele
2012PCOS and thromboembolism: a complex caseReid, S.; Norman, R.
2010Low apgar scores following resuscitation do not necessarily mean a dire outcomeWilkinson, D.
2010Beperk benzodiazepinegebruik tijdens de zwangerschapWiegerinck, M.; Mol, B.
2011Aerobic exercise to improve cognitive function in adults with neurological disorders: A systematic reviewMcDonnell, Michelle Nadine; Smith, Ashleigh Elizabeth; Mackintosh, Shylie
2010Probiotics, mortality, transparency and parental choice: need for major changes in practiceTarnow-Mordi, W.; Wilkinson, D.; Trivedi, A.; Brok, J.
2012Onvoldoende bewijs voor ijzersuppletie bij anemische zwangerenWiegerinck, M.; Mol, B.