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2002Cervical incompetence: A reappraisal of an obstetric controversyAlthuisius, S.; Dekker, G.; van Geijn, H.
2003The birth interval hypothesis - does it really indicate the end of the primipaternity hypothesisDekker, G.; Robillard, P.
2002Editorial: Can heparin prevent adverse pregnancy outcome?Romero, R.; Dekker, G.; Kupferminc, M.
2002Hypertension in pregnancy : round-table discussion: part 1: cardiovascular profileBrink, A.; Akande, W.; Moodley, J.; Hague, W.; Hall, D.; Steyn, W.; Dekker, G.; Odendaal, H.
2004Hypertension during pregnancy in South Australia, Part 2: risk factors for adverse maternal and/or perinatal outcome - results of multivariable analysisVreeburg, S.; Jacobs, D.; Dekker, G.; Heard, A.; Priest, K.; Chan, A.
2004Ketanserin in women with chronic hypertension and underlying thrombophiliaBanga, F.; Bolte, A.; Dekker, G.; van Geijn, H.
2005The prevalence of inherited thrombophilias in a Caucasian Australian populationGibson, C.; MacLennan, A.; Rudzki, Z.; Hague, W.; Haan, E.; Sharpe, P.; Priest, K.; Chan, A.; Dekker, G.; Khong, T.
2008Fetal exposure to herpesviruses may be associated with pregnancy-induced hypertensive disorders and preterm birth in a Caucasian populationGibson, C.; Goldwater, P.; MacLennan, A.; Haan, E.; Priest, K.; Dekker, G.
2001A genome-wide scan for preeclampsia in the NetherlandsLachmeijer, A.; Arngrimsson, R.; Bastiaans, E.; Frigge, M.; Pals, G.; Sigurdardottir, S.; Stefansson, H.; Palsson, B.; Nicolae, D.; Kong, A.; Aarnoudse, J.; Gulcher, J.; Dekker, G.; ten Kate, L.; Stefansson, K.
2000Obstetrical and gynaecological illnessesDekker, G.; Schats, R.; Bruining, P.; Lauwers, P.; Thijs, P.