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2002Gestational diabetes versus obesity as risk factors for pregnancy -induced hypertensive disorders and fetal macrosomiavan Hoorn, J.; Dekker, G.; Jeffries, W.
2003Antenatal causes of cerebral palsy: associations between inherited thrombophilias, viral and bacterial infection, and inherited susceptibility to infectionGibson, C.; MacLennan, A.; Goldwater, P.; Dekker, G.
2012Antepartum haemorrhage of unknown origin and maternal cigarette smoking beyond the first trimesterVan Altvorst, M.; Chan, E.; Taylor, R.; Kenny, L.; Myers, J.; Dekker, G.; North, R.; McCowan, L.
2004Reply to Dr Lamont - letter to the editorKing, J.; Flenady, V.; Papatsonis, D.; Dekker, G.; Carbonne, B.
2004Update on the controversies of tocolytic therapy for the prevention of preterm birth - letter to the editorPapatsonis, D.; Carbonne, B.; Dekker, G.; King, J.; Flenady, V.
2013Elevated maternal lipids in early pregnancy are not associated with risk of intrapartum caesarean in overweight and obese nulliparous womenFyfe, E.; Rivers, K.; Thompson, J.; Thiyagarajan, K.; Groom, K.; Dekker, G.; McCowan, L.
2012Adverse perinatal outcome and maternal risk factors in population versus customized defined SGA babiesvan Eerd, E.; Roex, A.; Nikpoor, P.; Dekker, G.
2010HypertensionDekker, G.
2010Risk of uterine rupture in Australian women attempting vaginal birth after one prior caesarean section: a retrospective population-based cohort studyDekker, G.; Chan, A.; Luke, C.; Priest, K.; Riley, M.; Halliday, J.; King, J.; Gee, V.; O'Neill, M.; Snell, M.; Cull, V.; Cornes, S.
2003Preeclampsia and human reproduction. An essay of a long term reflectionRobillard, P.; Hulsey, T.; Dekker, G.; Chaouat, G.