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2010The ascent of woman from Queen Adelaide to Queen CamillaMacLennan, A.
2012Tertiary education institutions should not offer pseudoscientific medical courses: standing up for scienceMacLennan, A.; Morrison, R.
2011Multiple choice in the management of the menopauseMacLennan, A.; Morris, D.
2012Future long-term trials of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy: what is possible and what is the optimal protocol and regimen?Purbrick, B.; Stranks, K.; Sum, C.; MacLennan, A.
2012Evidence-based assessment of the impact of the WHI on women's healthBurger, H.; MacLennan, A.; Huang, K.; Castelo-Branco, C.
2012Quality of life and the role of menopausal hormone therapyPines, A.; Sturdee, D.; MacLennan, A.
2011Menopausal hot flushes and night sweats: where are we now?Archer, D.; Sturdee, D.; Baber, R.; de Villiers, T.; Pines, A.; Freedman, R.; Gompel, A.; Hickey, M.; Hunter, M.; Lobo, R.; Lumsden, M.; MacLennan, A.; Maki, P.; Palacios, S.; Shah, D.; Villaseca, P.; Warren, M.
2011HRT in difficult circumstances: are there any absolute contraindications?MacLennan, A.
2011Updated IMS recommendations on postmenopausal hormone therapy and preventive strategies for midlife healthSturdee, D.; Pines, A.; Archer, D.; Baber, R.; Barlow, D.; Birkhauser, M.; Brincat, M.; Cardozo, L.; de Villiers, T.; Gambacciani, M.; Gompel, A.; Henderson, V.; Klutt, C.; Lobo, R.; MacLennan, A.; Marsden, J.; Nappi, R.; Panay, N.; Pickar, J.; Robinson, D.; et al.
2013Brain damage and maternal medicationO'Callaghan, M.; MacLennan, A.