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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Microarray analysis of mRNA from cumulus cells following in vivo or in vitro maturation of mouse cumulus-oocyte complexesKind, K.; Banwell, K.; Gebhardt, K.; Macpherson, A.; Gauld, A.; Russell, D.; Thompson, J.
2010Beta-oxidation is essential for mouse oocyte developmental competence and early embryo developmentDunning, K.; Cashman, K.; Russell, D.; Thompson, J.; Norman, R.; Robker, R.
2013Effect of varying glucose and glucosamine concentration in vitro on mouse oocyte maturation and developmental competenceFrank, L.; McDowall, M.; Russell, D.; Wang, X.; Inglis, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2012Molecular filtration properties of the mouse expanded cumulus matrix: controlled supply of metabolites and extracellular signals to cumulus cells and the oocyteDunning, K.; Watson, L.; Sharkey, D.; Brown, H.; Norman, R.; Thompson, J.; Robker, R.; Russell, D.
2005Oxygen concentration during in vitro maturation of murine oocytes affects blastocyst cell lineageBanwell, K.; Lane, M.; Russell, D.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2014Hyperglycaemic conditions perturb mouse oocyte in vitro developmental competence via beta-O-linked glycosylation of Heat shock protein 90Frank, L.; Sutton-McDowall, M.; Brown, H.; Russell, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2015Oxygen-regulated gene expression in murine cumulus cellsKind, K.; Tam, K.; Banwell, K.; Gauld, A.; Russell, D.; Macpherson, A.; Brown, H.; Frank, L.; Peet, D.; Thompson, J.
2007Oxygen concentration during mouse oocyte in vitro maturation affects embryo and fetal developmentBanwell, K.; Lane, M.; Russell, D.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2005Murine HIF-1a localisation by immunohistochemistry in a mouse reproductive tissueCamp-Dotlic, E.; Froiland, D.; Kind, K.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Thompson, J.; Russell, D.