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2018Gut mechanisms linking intestinal sweet sensing to glycemic controlKreuch, D.; Keating, D.J.; Wu, T.; Horowitz, M.; Rayner, C.K.; Young, R.L.
2019Intragastric administration of the bitter tastant, quinine, lowers the glycemic response to a nutrient drink without slowing gastric emptying, in healthy men.Bitarafan, V.; Fitzgerald, P.C.; Little, T.J.; Meyerhof, W.; Jones, K.L.; Wu, T.; Horowitz, M.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2020Exenatide once weekly slows gastric emptying of solids and liquids in healthy, overweight, subjects under steady-state concentrationsJones, K.L.; Huynh, L.Q.; Hatzinikolas, S.; Rigda, R.S.; Phillips, L.K.; Pham, H.T.; Marathe, C.S.; Wu, T.; Malbert, C.H.; Stevens, J.E.; Lange, K.; Rayner, C.K.; Horowitz, M.
2019Gastric emptying in patients with well-controlled type 2 diabetes compared with young and older control subjects without diabetesWatson, L.; Xie, C.; Wang, X.; Li, Z.; Phillips, L.; Sun, Z.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Rayner, C.; Wu, T.
2020Role of endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 enhanced by vildagliptin in the glycaemic and energy expenditure responses to intraduodenal fat infusion in type 2 diabetesXie, C.; Wang, X.; Jones, K.L.; Horowitz, M.; Sun, Z.; Little, T.J.; Rayner, C.K.; Wu, T.
2018Effects of intraduodenal administration of the artificial sweetener sucralose on blood pressure and superior mesenteric artery blood flow in healthy older subjectsPham, H.; Stevens, J.; Rigda, R.; Phillips, L.; Wu, T.; Hausken, T.; Soenen, S.; Visvanathan, R.; Rayner, C.; Horowitz, M.; Jones, K.