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2011Tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia cell lines: investigating resistance pathwaysTang, C.; Schafranek, L.; Watkins, D.; Parker, W.; Moore, S.; Prime, J.; White, D.; Hughes, T.
2012Classification of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia on basis of BCR-ABL transcript level at 3 months fails to identify patients with low organic cation transporter-1 activity destined to have poor imatinib responseWhite, D.; Hughes, T.
2013Clarithromycin enhances dasatinib-induced cell death in chronic myeloid leukemia cells, by inhibition of late stage autophagySchafranek, L.; Leclercq, T.; White, D.; Hughes, T.
2017A method for next-generation sequencing of paired diagnostic and remission Samples to detect mitochondrial DNA mutations associated with leukemiaPagani, I.; Kok, C.; Saunders, V.; Van der Hoek, M.; Heatley, S.; Schwarer, A.; Hahn, C.; Hughes, T.; White, D.; Ross, D.
2012Contrasting effects of diclofenac and ibuprofen on active imatinib uptake into leukaemic cellsWang, J.; Hughes, T.; Kok, C.; Saunders, V.; Frede, A.; Groot Obbink, K.; Osborn, M.; Somogyi, A.; D'Andrea, R.; White, D.
2018Molecular monitoring in CML: how deep? How often? How should it influence therapy?Shanmuganathan, N.; Hughes, T.
2018A dual role for the N-terminal domain of the IL-3 receptor in cell signallingBroughton, S.; Hercus, T.; Nero, T.; Kan, W.; Barry, E.; Dottore, M.; Cheung Tung Shing, K.; Morton, C.; Dhagat, U.; Hardy, M.; Wilson, N.; Downton, M.; Schieber, C.; Hughes, T.; Lopez, A.; Parker, M.
2013Signalling by the βc family of cytokinesHercus, T.; Dhagat, U.; Kan, W.; Broughton, S.; Nero, T.; Perugini, M.; Sandow, J.; D'Andrea, R.; Ekert, P.; Hughes, T.; Parker, M.; Lopez, A.
2018Role of the β common (βc) family of cytokines in health and diseaseHercus, T.; Kan, W.; Broughton, S.; Tvorogov, D.; Ramshaw, H.; Sandow, J.; Nero, T.; Dhagat, U.; Thompson, E.; Tung Shing, K.; McKenzie, D.; Wilson, N.; Owczarek, C.; Vairo, G.; Nash, A.; Tergaonkar, V.; Hughes, T.; Ekert, P.; Samuel, M.; Bonder, C.; et al.
2013STAT5 is a critical component of the time-dependent sensitivity of CML cells to TKI treatment in a BCR-ABL-dependent, but JAK2-independent mannerSchafranek, L.; Nievergall, E.; Powell, J.; Hiwase, D.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Leclercq, T.