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2018A dual role for the N-terminal domain of the IL-3 receptor in cell signallingBroughton, S.; Hercus, T.; Nero, T.; Kan, W.; Barry, E.; Dottore, M.; Cheung Tung Shing, K.; Morton, C.; Dhagat, U.; Hardy, M.; Wilson, N.; Downton, M.; Schieber, C.; Hughes, T.; Lopez, A.; Parker, M.
2013Signalling by the βc family of cytokinesHercus, T.; Dhagat, U.; Kan, W.; Broughton, S.; Nero, T.; Perugini, M.; Sandow, J.; D'Andrea, R.; Ekert, P.; Hughes, T.; Parker, M.; Lopez, A.
2018Role of the β common (βc) family of cytokines in health and diseaseHercus, T.; Kan, W.; Broughton, S.; Tvorogov, D.; Ramshaw, H.; Sandow, J.; Nero, T.; Dhagat, U.; Thompson, E.; Tung Shing, K.; McKenzie, D.; Wilson, N.; Owczarek, C.; Vairo, G.; Nash, A.; Tergaonkar, V.; Hughes, T.; Ekert, P.; Samuel, M.; Bonder, C.; et al.
2014Monoclonal antibody targeting of IL-3 receptor α with CSL362 effectively depletes CML progenitor and stem cellsNievergall, E.; Ramshaw, H.; Yong, A.; Biondo, M.; Busfield, S.; Vairo, G.; Lopez, A.; Hughes, T.; White, D.; Hiwase, D.
2009Dasatinib inhibits the secretion of TNF-α following TLR stimulation in vitro and in vivoFraser, C.; Lousberg, E.; Kumar, R.; Hughes, T.; Diener, K.; Hayball, J.
2013STAT5 is a critical component of the time-dependent sensitivity of CML cells to TKI treatment in a BCR-ABL-dependent, but JAK2-independent mannerSchafranek, L.; Nievergall, E.; Powell, J.; Hiwase, D.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Leclercq, T.
2009Dasatinib inhibits recombinant viral antigen-specific murine CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses and NK-cell cytolytic activity in vitro and in vivoFraser, C.; Blake, S.; Diener, K.; Lyons, A.; Brown, M.; Hughes, T.; Hayball, J.
2013Dasatinib targets chronic myeloid leukemia-CD34⁺ progenitors as effectively as it targets mature cellsHiwase, D.; Saunders, V.; Nievergall, E.; Ross, D.; White, D.; Hughes, T.
2010Dasatinib alters the metastatic phenotype of B16-OVA melanoma in vivoFraser, C.; Lousberg, E.; Guerin, L.; Hughes, T.; Brown, M.; Diener, K.; Hayball, J.
2012Drug-interaction studies evaluating T-cell proliferation reveal distinct activity of dasatinib and imatinib in combination with cyclosporine ABlake, S.; Hughes, T.; Lyons, A.