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1995Anorectal function in patients with complete spinal transection before and after sacral posterior rhizotomySun, Wei-Ming; MacDonagh, Riodrach; Thomas, David G.; Read, Nicholas W.
1996Prediction of right ventricular and posterior wall ST evaluation by coronary care nurses: the 12-lead electrocardiograph versus the 18-lead electrocardiographStewart, Simon A.; Haste, M.
1997Managing patients with acute myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury with n-acetylcysteineStewart, Simon A.; Ryan, Cassie; Poropat, Susan
1995Effect of loop diuretics and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs on thyrotropin release by rat anterior pituitary cells in vitroLim, Chen-Fee; Loidl, Nicole M.; Kennedy, James A.; Topliss, Duncan J.; Stockigt, Jan R.
1999A probiotic strain of L. acidophilus reduces DMH-induced large intestinal tumors in male Sprague-Dawley ratesMcIntosh, Graeme H.; Royle, Peter J.; Playne, Martin J.
1998Evaluation of bacteriological transport swabsBarber, S.; Lawson, P. J.; Grove, D. I.
1997Influence of Imipramine on the hypothalamic/pituitary/thyroid axis of the ratKennedy, James A.; Jarrett, David B.; Wellby, M. L.
1997Initiation of hormone replacement therapy after diagnosis of osteoporosis by bone densitometry.Phillipov, George; Mos, E.; Scinto, S.; Phillips, P. J.
1996International symposium on growth factors and wound healing: Basic Science and Clinical ApplicationsBelford, David Andrew
1997Phase I dose intensification study of 2-weekly epirubicin with GM-CSF in advanced cancerMichael, M.; Toner, G. C.; Olver, Ian N.; Fennesy, A.; Bishop, James F.