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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A direct analysis of FACS-sorted hemopoietic cell fractions using fishWhite, D.; Hutchins, C.; Haylock, D.; Turczynowics, S.; Bishop, A.; To, L.; Hughes, T.; Juttner, C.
1997Detection of minimal residual disease in an AML patient with trisomy 8 using interphase fishWhite, D.; Hutchins, C.; Turczynowicz, S.; Suttle, J.; Haylock, D.; Hughes, T.; Juttner, C.; To, L.
1995Apoptosis regulatory gene NEDD2 maps to human chromosome segment 7934-35, a region frequently affected in haematological neoplasmsKumar, S.; White, D.; Takai, S.; Turczynowicz, S.; Juttner, C.; Hughes, T.
1997Peripheral blood is a source of BCR-ABL-negative pre-progenitors in early chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia.Lewis, I.; Haylock, D.; Moore, S.; To, L.; Hughes, T.
1998Stem cell factor as a single agent induces marked proliferation of the philadelphia chromosome positive fraction of CML CD34+ cellMoore, S.; Haylock, D.; Levesque, J.P.; McDiarmid, L.; Samels, L.; To, L.; Simmons, P.; Hughes, T.
1997Inhibition of GM-CSF prevents dissemination and induces remission of human juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia in engrafted immunodeficient mice.Iversen, P.; Lewis, I.; Turczynowicz, S.; Hasle, H.; Niemeyer, C.; Schmiegelow, K.; Bastiras, S.; Biondi, A.; Hughes, T.; Lopez, A.
1997Mobilization of predominantly Philadelphia chromosome-negative blood progenitors using cyclophosphamide and rHUG-CSF in early chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukaemia: correlation with Sokal prognostic index and haematological control.Hughes, T.; Grigg, A.; Szer, J.; Ho, J.; Ma, D.; Dale, B.; Green, R.; Norman, J.; Sage, R.; Herrmann, R.; Cannell, P.; Schwarer, A.; Taylor, K.; Atkinson, K.; Arthur, C.
1998Establishment of a reproducible model of chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia in NOD/SCID mice using blood-derived mononuclear or CD34+ cellsLewis, I.; McDiarmid, L.; Samels, L.; To, L.; Hughes, T.
1999Monitoring chronic myeloid leukaemia therapy by real time quantitative PCR in blood is a reliable alternative to bone marrow cytogeneticsBranford, S.; Hughes, T.; Rudzki, Z.