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2010Clinical decision support implemented with academic detailing improves prescribing of key renally cleared drugs in the hospital settingRoberts, G.; Farmer, C.; Cheney, P.; Govis, S.; Belcher, T.; Walsh, S.; Adams, R.
2000Factors associated with hospital admissions and repeat emergency department visits for adults with asthmaAdams, R.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.
2006Impact of introducing anticoagulation-related prescribing guidelines in a hospital setting using academic detailingRoberts, G.; Adams, R.
2005Symptoms: monitoring, perceptions ....Adams, R.; Wilson, D.; Ruffin, R.
2001Patient preferences for autonomy in decision making in asthma managementAdams, R.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.
2001Quality of life in asthma: A comparison of community and hospital asthma patientsAdams, R.; Wakefield, M.; Wilson, D.; Parsons, J.; Campbell, D.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.
2001Prevalence, morbidity and management of adult asthma in South AustraliaRuffin, R.; Wilson, D.; Smith, B.; Southcott, A.; Adams, R.
2002The burden of asthma in the United States - level and distribution are dependent on interpretation of the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelinesFuhlbrigge, A.; Adams, R.; Guilbert, T.; Grant, E.; Lozano, P.; Janson, S.; Martinez, F.; Weiss, K.; Weiss, S.
2001A randomized trial of peak-flow and symptom-based action plans in adults with moderate-to-severe asthmaAdams, R.; Boath, K.; Homan, S.; Campbell, D.; Ruffin, R.
2004Evaluation of asthma prescription measures and health system performance based on emergency department utilizationFuhlbrigge, A.; Carey, V.; Adams, R.; Finkelstein, J.; Lozano, P.; Weiss, S.; Weiss, K.