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2012Endothelial Function, Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Studies in Chronic Coronary Slow Flow Phenomenon PatientsKopetz, V.; Kennedy, J.; Heresztyn, T.; Stafford, I.; Willoughby, S.; Beltrame, J.
2016Gender differences in pre-event health status of young patients with acute myocardial infarction: a VIRGO study analysisDreyer, R.; Smolderen, K.; Strait, K.; Beltrame, J.; Lichtman, J.; Lorenze, N.; D'Onofrio, G.; Bueno, H.; Krumholz, H.; Spertus, J.
2011Gender differences in patients with stable angina attending primary care practicesDreyer, R.; Arstall, M.; Tavella, R.; Morgan, C.; Weekes, A.; Beltrame, J.
2009Evaluating patients with persistent chest pain and no obstructive coronary artery diseaseBeltrame, J.; Ganz, P.
2001Role of endothelin-1 in the active constriction of human atherosclerotic coronary arteriesKinlay, S.; Behrendt, D.; Wainstein, M.; Beltrame, J.; Fang, J.; Creager, M.; Selwyn, A.; Ganz, P.
2015Gender differences in health status and adverse outcomes among patients with peripheral arterial diseaseDreyer, R.; van Zitteren, M.; Beltrame, J.; Fitridge, R.; Denollet, J.; Vriens, P.; Spertus, J.; Smolderen, K.
2015Standardized outcome measurement for patients with coronary artery disease: consensus from the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)McNamara, R.; Spatz, E.; Kelley, T.; Stowell, C.; Beltrame, J.; Heidenreich, P.; Tresserras, R.; Jernberg, T.; Chua, T.; Morgan, L.; Panigrahi, B.; Rosas Ruiz, A.; Rumsfeld, J.; Sadwin, L.; Schoeberl, M.; Shahian, D.; Weston, C.; Yeh, R.; Lewin, J.
2016Predictors of physician under-recognition of angina in outpatients with stable coronary artery diseaseArnold, S.; Grodzinsky, A.; Gosch, K.; Kosiborod, M.; Jones, P.; Breeding, T.; Towheed, A.; Beltrame, J.; Alexander, K.; Spertus, J.
2013In patients with chronic stable angina, secondary prevention appears better in the very old compared to younger patients: The coronary artery disease in gENeral practiCE (CADENCE) substudyRajendran, S.; Visvanathan, R.; Tavella, R.; Weekes, A.; Morgan, C.; Beltrame, J.
2009The Prevalence of Weekly Angina Among Patients With Chronic Stable Angina in Primary Care Practices The Coronary Artery Disease in General Practice (CADENCE) StudyBeltrame, J.; Weekes, A.; Morgan, C.; Tavella, R.; Spertus, J.