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2016Fryns syndrome associated with recessive mutations in PIGN in two separate familiesMcInerney-Leo, A.; Harris, J.; Gattas, M.; Peach, E.; Sinnott, S.; Dudding-Byth, T.; Rajagopalan, S.; Barnett, C.; Anderson, L.; Wheeler, L.; Brown, M.; Leo, P.; Wicking, C.; Duncan, E.
2008The looming maladaptive style in social anxietyBrown, M.; Stopa, L.
2009Immediate ST resolution on intracoronary ECG during primary PCI predicts extent of myocardial injury using cardiac MRILeung, M.; Wong, T.; Das, R.; Soon, K.; Chacko, G.; Liew, G.; Brown, M.; Worthley, M.; Teo, K.; Worthley, S.
2006Blunt traumatic dissection of the proximal left anterior descending arteryLeong, D.; Brown, M.
2008Recurrent, multiple cardiac myxomaDuncan, R.; Brown, M.; Worthley, S.
2008Cardiac MRI assessment of left and right ventricular parameters in healthy Australian normal volunteersTeo, K.; Carbone, A.; Piantadosi, C.; Chew, D.; Hammett, C.; Brown, M.; Worthley, S.
2010Assessment of atrial septal defects in adults comparing cardiovascular magnetic resonance with transoesophageal echocardiographyTeo, K.; Disney, P.; Dundon, B.; Worthley, M.; Brown, M.; Sanders, P.; Worthley, S.
2015Perspectives on pregnancy in women with CKD: a semistructured interview studyTong, A.; Brown, M.; Winkelmayer, W.; Craig, J.; Jesudason, S.
2017Contribution of mutations in known mendelian glaucoma genes to advanced early-onset primary open-angle glaucomaZhou, T.; Souzeau, E.; Siggs, O.; Landers, J.; Mills, R.; Goldberg, I.; Healey, P.; Graham, S.; Hewitt, A.; Mackey, D.; Galanopoulos, A.; Casson, R.; Ruddle, J.; Ellis, J.; Leo, P.; Brown, M.; Macgregor, S.; Sharma, S.; Burdon, K.; Craig, J.
2015Recurrence of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: an individual patient data metaanalysisVan Oostwaard, M.; Langenveld, J.; Schuit, E.; Papatsonis, D.; Brown, M.; Byaruhanga, R.; Bhattacharya, S.; Campbell, D.; Chappell, L.; Chiaffarino, F.; Crippa, I.; Facchinetti, F.; Ferrazzani, S.; Ferrazzi, E.; Figueiró-Filho, E.; Gaugler-Senden, I.; Haavaldsen, C.; Lykke, J.; Mbah, A.; Oliveira, V.; et al.