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2017Dominant protection from HLA-linked autoimmunity by antigen-specific regulatory T cellsOoi, J.; Petersen, J.; Tan, Y.; Huynh, M.; Willett, Z.; Ramarathinam, S.; Eggenhuizen, P.; Loh, K.; Watson, K.; Gan, P.; Alikhan, M.; Dudek, N.; Handel, A.; Hudson, B.; Fugger, L.; Power, D.; Holt, S.; Coates, P.; Gregersen, J.; Purcell, A.; et al.
2018Urine-derived cells for human cell therapyPavathuparambil Abdul Manaph, N.; Al-Hawaas, M.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Coates, P.; Zhou, X.
2009Immunophenotyping of interstitial infiltrate does not distinguish between BK virus nephropathy and acute cellular rejectionRogers, N.; Russ, G.; Cooper, J.; Coates, P.
2008Anti-HLA donor-specific antibodies detected in positive B-cell crossmatches by Luminex (R) predict late graft lossEng, H.; Bennett, G.; Tsiopelas, E.; Lake, M.; Humphreys, I.; Chang, S.; Coates, P.; Russ, G.
2007Calcific uremic arteriolopathy: Advances in pathogenesis and treatmentRogers, N.; Teubner, D.; Coates, P.
2017Activated renal dendritic cells cross present intrarenal antigens after ischemia-reperfusion injurySnelgrove, S.; Lo, C.; Hall, P.; Lo, C.; Alikhan, M.; Coates, P.; Holdsworth, S.; Hickey, M.; Kitching, A.
2009Clinical significance of anti-HLA antibodies detected by Luminex®: enhancing the interpretation of CDC-BXM and important post-transplantation monitoring toolsEng, H.; Bennett, G.; Bardy, P.; Lau, X.; Russ, G.; Coates, P.
2000Dendritic cells, tolerance and transplantationCoates, P.; Krishnan, R.; Russ, G.
2010Curcumin induces maturation-arrested dendritic cells that expand regulatory T cells in vitro and in vivoRogers, N.; Kireta, S.; Coates, P.
2011Approaching the promise of operational tolerance in clinical transplantationBishop, G.; Ierino, F.; Sharland, A.; Hall, B.; Alexander, S.; Sandrin, M.; Coates, P.; McCaughan, G.