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2010Simple non-invasive fibrosis scoring systems can reliably exclude advanced fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseMcPherson, S.; Stewart, S.; Henderson, E.; Burt, A.; Day, C.
2013White cell count and platelet count associate with histological alcoholic hepatitis in jaundiced harmful drinkersHardy, T.; Wells, C.; Kendrick, S.; Hudson, M.; Day, C.; Burt, A.; Masson, S.; Stewart, S.
2014Clinical but not histological factors predict long-term prognosis in patients with histologically advanced non-decompensated alcoholic liver diseaseMasson, S.; Emmerson, I.; Henderson, E.; Fletcher, E.; Burt, A.; Day, C.; Stewart, S.
2017Effects of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on microvascular and macrovascular function in a healthy populationLoader, J.; Meziat, C.; Watts, R.; Lorenzen, C.; Sigaudo-Roussel, D.; Stewart, S.; Reboul, C.; Meyer, G.; Walther, G.
2013Telephone support to rural and remote patients with heart failure: the Chronic Heart Failure Assessment by Telephone (CHAT) studyKrum, H.; Forbes, A.; Yallop, J.; Driscoll, A.; Croucher, J.; Chan, B.; Clark, R.; Davidson, P.; Huynh, L.; Kasper, E.; Hunt, D.; Egan, H.; Stewart, S.; Piterman, L.; Tonkin, A.
2013The Green, Amber, Red Delineation of Risk and Need (GARDIAN) management system: a pragmatic approach to optimizing heart health from primary prevention to chronic disease managementCarrington, M.; Kok, S.; Jansen, K.; Stewart, S.
2014Socioeconomic status and heart failure in SydneyClose, G.; Newton, P.; Fung, S.; Denniss, A.; Halcomb, E.; Kovoor, P.; Stewart, S.; Davidson, P.
2017Symptom clusters in adults with chronic atrial fibrillationStreur, M.; Ratcliffe, S.; Ball, J.; Stewart, S.; Riegel, B.
2016A systematic review and meta-analysis of primary prevention programmes to improve cardio-metabolic risk in non-urban communitiesRodrigues, A.; Ball, J.; Ski, C.; Stewart, S.; Carrington, M.
2012Application of geographic modeling techniques to quantify spatial access to health services before and after an acute cardiac event: The Cardiac Accessibility and Remoteness Index for Australia (ARIA) ProjectClark, R.; Coffee, N.; Turner, D.; Eckert, K.; van Gaans, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Stewart, S.; Tonkin, A.