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1999Evidence that nitric oxide stimulates feeding in the marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataVozzo, R.; Wittert, G.; Chapman, I.; Fraser, R.; Hope, P.; Horowitz, M.; Alshaher, M.; Kumar, V.; Morley, J.
1999Effect of Dietary Macronutrients on Food Intake, Body Weight, and Tail Width in the Marsupial S. crassicaudataNg, K.; Vozzo, R.; Hope, P.; Chapman, I.; Morley, J.; Horowitz, M.; Wittert, G.
2018Food services using energy- and protein-fortified meals to assist vulnerable community-residing older adults meet their dietary requirements and maintain good health and quality of life: findings from a pilot studyArjuna, T.; Miller, M.; Ueno, T.; Visvanathan, R.; Lange, K.; Soenen, S.; Chapman, I.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.
2017Effects of randomized whey-protein loads on energy intake, appetite, gastric emptying, and plasma gut-hormone concentrations in older men and womenGiezenaar, C.; Trahair, L.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Hausken, T.; Standfield, S.; Jones, K.; Lange, K.; Horowitz, M.; Chapman, I.; Soenen, S.
2018Effect of gender on the acute effects of whey protein ingestion on energy intake, appetite, gastric emptying and gut hormone responses in healthy young adultsGiezenaar, C.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Hutchison, A.; Lange, K.; Hausken, T.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Chapman, I.; Soenen, S.
2014Frailty and functional decline indices predict poor outcomes in hospitalised older peopleDent, E.; Chapman, I.; Howell, S.; Piantadosi, C.; Visvanathan, R.
2012Use of the Mini Nutritional Assessment to detect frailty in hospitalised older peopleDent, E.; Visvanathan, R.; Piantadosi, C.; Chapman, I.
2012Inflammatory cytokines and appetite in healthy peopleDent, E.; Yu, S.; Visvanathan, R.; Piantadosi, C.; Adams, R.; Lange, K.; Chapman, I.
2014Performance of nutritional screening tools in predicting poor six-month outcome in hospitalised older patientsDent, E.; Chapman, I.; Piantadosi, C.; Visvanathan, R.