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2010Accuracy of the diagnosis of GORD by questionnaire, physicians and a trial of proton pump inhibitor treatment: the diamond studyDent, J.; Vakil, N.; Jones, R.; Bytzer, P.; Schnoning, U.; Halling, K.; Junghard, O.; Lind, T.
2008Endoscopic findings in a cohort of newly diagnosed gastroesophageal reflux disease patients registered in a UK primary care databaseRuigomez, A.; Rodriguez, L.; Wallander, M.; Johansson, S.; Dent, J.
2009Development of the GerdQ, a tool for the diagnosis and management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in primary careJones, R.; Junghard, O.; Dent, J.; Vakil, N.; Halling, K.; Wernersson, B.; Lind, T.
2007Imaginary drugs, imagined conflicts and the conspiracy theoryVakil, N.; Jones, R.; van Zanten, S.; Dent, J.
2000Logical and practicalities for the use of the sleeve sensor for clinical oesophageal manometryDent, J.
2008The Reflux Disease Questionnaire: a measure for assessment of treatment response in clinical trialsShaw, M.; Dent, J.; Beebe, T.; Junghard, O.; Wiklund, I.; Lind, T.; Johnsson, F.
2008Advances in diagnostic assessment of the oesophageal mucosa - PrefaceDent, J.; Sharma, P.; Tytgat, G.
2006Pathogenesis and classification of cancer around the gastroesophageal junction-not so different in JapanDent, J.
2006What are the options for upgrading the quality of clinical assessment and research in Barrett's esophagus?Dent, J.
2011Barrett's esophagus: A historical perspective, an update on core practicalities and predictions on future evolutions of managementDent, J.