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2017Dacomitinib-induced diarrhoea is associated with altered gastrointestinal permeability and disruption in ileal histology in ratsVan Sebille, Y.; Gibson, R.; Wardill, H.; Secombe, K.; Ball, I.; Keefe, D.; Finnie, J.; Bowen, J.
2005Nuclear factor kB (NFkB) and cyclooxygenase-2 (Cox-2) expression in the irradiated colorectum is associated with subsequent histopathological changesYeoh, A.; Bowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Keefe, D.
2000Chemotherapy for cancer causes apoptosis that precedes hypoplasia in crypts of the small intestine in humansKeefe, D.; Brealey, J.; Goland, G.; Cummins, A.
2008New pathways for alimentary mucositisBowen, J.; Keefe, D.
2006Intestinal mucositis: the role of the Bcl-2 family, p53 and caspases in chemotherapy-induced damageBowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Cummins, A.; Keefe, D.
2015Pre-therapy mRNA expression of TNF is associated with regimen-related gastrointestinal toxicity in patients with esophageal cancer: a pilot studyBowen, J.; White, I.; Smith, L.; Tsykin, A.; Kristaly, K.; Thompson, S.; Karapetis, C.; Tan, H.; Game, P.; Irvine, T.; Hussey, D.; Watson, D.; Keefe, D.
2014Rationale and design of the Pan Australasian chemotherapy-induced emesis burden of illness studyKeefe, D.; Chan, A.; Kim, H.; Hsieh, R.; Yu, S.; Wang, Y.; Nicholls, R.; Burke, T.
2016Personalized estimate of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: development and external validation of a nomogram in cancer patients receiving highly/moderately emetogenic chemotherapyHu, Z.; Liang, W.; Yang, Y.; Keefe, D.; Ma, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Xue, C.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, H.; Chen, L.; Chan, A.; Zhang, L.
2014Risk and outcomes of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea (CID) among patients with colorectal cancer receiving multi-cycle chemotherapyKeefe, D.; Elting, L.; Nguyen, H.; Grunberg, S.; Aprile, G.; Bonaventura, A.; Selva-Nayagam, S.; Barsevick, A.; Koczwara, B.; Sonis, S.
2006The combination of oral and small intestinal mucositis, pediatrics and biomarkers - A particularly tricky problem!Keefe, D.; Gibson, R.