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2001Eighty-nine-year-old man with generalised chorea and basal ganglia mineralizationWarren, J.; Kimber, T.; Blumbergs, P.; Thompson, P.
2009Cranial movement disorders: clinical features, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and treatmentFabbrini, G.; Defazio, G.; Colosimo, C.; Thompson, P.; Berardelli, A.
2013Inhaled, dual release liposomal ciprofloxacin in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis (ORBIT-2): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialSerisier, D.; Bilton, D.; De Soyza, A.; Thompson, P.; Kolbe, J.; Greville, H.; Cipolla, D.; Bruinenberg, P.; Gonda, I.; ORBIT-2 Investigators
2013Severe ataxic polyneuropathy associated with chronic levodopa use in Parkinson's diseaseKimber, T.; Blumbergs, P.; Thompson, P.
2003Responses of single motor units in human masseter to transcranial magnetic stimulation of either hemispherePearce, S.; Miles, T.; Thompson, P.; Nordstrom, M.
2002Neurodegenerative causes of myoclonusThompson, P.
2010Influenza A/H1N1-09: Australia and New Zealand's winter of discontentKotsimbos, T.; Waterer, G.; Jenkins, C.; Kelly, P.; Cheng, A.; Hancox, R.; Holmes, M.; Wood-Baker, R.; Bowler, S.; Irving, L.; Thompson, P.
2003Brainstem myoclonus in generalised tetanusWarren, J.; Kimber, T.; Thompson, P.
2001Deep brain stimulation is superior to ablative surgery for Parkinson's disease: the case againstThompson, P.
2001Focal myelin swellings and tomacula in anti-MAG IgM paraproteinaemic neuropathy: Novel teased nerve fiber studiesCai, Z.; Cash, K.; Swift, J.; Sutton-Smith, P.; Robinson, M.; Thompson, P.; Blumbergs, P.