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2011T1-2 anal carcinoma requires elective inguinal radiation treatment - the results of Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group study TROG 99.02Matthews, J.; Burmeister, B.; Borg, M.; Capp, A.; Joseph, D.; Thompson, K.; Thompson, P.; Harvey, J.; Spry, N.
2012Upper limb tremorKimber, T.; Thompson, P.
2006Treatment of cervical dystonia with botulinum toxinsComella, C.; Thompson, P.
2008Consensus paper on short-interval intracortical inhibition and other transcranial magnetic stimulation intracortical paradigms in movement disordersBerardelli, A.; Abbruzzese, G.; Orth, M.; Ridding, M.; Stinear, C.; Suppa, A.; Thompson, P.
2009Convexity subarachnoid haemorrhage associated with bilateral internal carotid artery stenosesKleinig, T.; Kimber, T.; Thompson, P.
2001Changes in corticomotor representations induced by prolonged peripheral nerve stimulation in humansRidding, M.; McKay, D.; Thompson, P.; Miles, T.
2008Cardio-embolic cerebellar stroke secondary to mitral valve chordae rupture as a delayed complication of a high-voltage electrical injuryFleury, V.; Kleinig, T.; Thompson, P.; Ravindran, J.
1999An 'annoying' foot: unilateral painful legs and moving toes syndromeSanders, P.; Waddy, H.; Thompson, P.
2010Elevated serum concentrations of troponin T in acute stroke: What do they mean?Ghali, J.; Allison, D.; Kleinig, T.; Ooi, S.; Bastiampillai, S.; Ashby, D.; Taylor, J.; Thompson, P.; Broadley, S.
2003Prolonged peripheral nerve stimulation induces persistent changes in excitability of human motor cortexCharlton, C.; Ridding, M.; Thompson, P.; Miles, T.