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2005Use of [¹⁴C]-sodium bicarbonate/urea to measure physical activity induced increases in total energy expenditure in free-living healthy malesRoffey, D.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Byrne, N.; Hills, A.; Bellon, M.; Tsopelas, C.; Kirkwood, I.; Wittert, G.
2006Use of [¹⁴C]-sodium bicarbonate/urea to measure total energy expenditure in overweight men and women before and after low calorie diet induced weight lossLuscombe-Marsh, N.; Tsopelas, C.; Bellon, M.; Clifton, P.; Kirkwood, I.; Wittert, G.
2016Long-term effects of weight loss with a very-low carbohydrate, low saturated fat diet on flow mediated dilatation in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomised controlled trialWycherley, T.; Thompson, C.; Buckley, J.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Noakes, M.; Wittert, G.; Brinkworth, G.
2017Men's help-seeking in the first year after diagnosis of localised prostate cancerHyde, M.; Newton, R.; Galvão, D.; Gardiner, R.; Occhipinti, S.; Lowe, A.; Wittert, G.; Chambers, S.
2017Erectile dysfunction, masculinity, and psychosocial outcomes: a review of the experiences of men after prostate cancer treatmentChambers, S.; Chung, E.; Wittert, G.; Hyde, M.
2016Long-term effects of very low-carbohydrate and high-carbohydrate weight-loss diets on psychological health in obese adults with type 2 diabetes: randomized controlled trialBrinkworth, G.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Thompson, C.; Noakes, M.; Buckley, J.; Wittert, G.; Wilson, C.
2017New Challenges in Psycho-Oncology Research III: A systematic review of psychological interventions for prostate cancer survivors and their partners: clinical and research implicationsChambers, S.; Hyde, M.; Smith, D.; Hughes, S.; Yuill, S.; Egger, S.; O'Connell, D.; Stein, K.; Frydenberg, M.; Wittert, G.; Dunn, J.
2017The association between total phthalate concentration and non-communicable diseases and chronic inflammation in South Australian urban dwelling menBai, P.; Wittert, G.; Taylor, A.; Martin, S.; Milne, R.; Jenkins, A.; Januszewski, A.; Shi, Z.
2017Trajectories of quality of life, life satisfaction, and psychological adjustment after prostate cancerChambers, S.; Ng, S.; Baade, P.; Aitken, J.; Hyde, M.; Wittert, G.; Frydenberg, M.; Dunn, J.
2014Risk factors for progression or improvement of lower urinary tract symptoms in a prospective cohort of menMartin, S.; Lange, K.; Haren, M.; Taylor, A.; Wittert, G.