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2017HIF-2α promotes dissemination of plasma cells in multiple myeloma by regulating CXCL12/CXCR4 and CCR1Vandyke, K.; Zeissig, M.; Hewett, D.; Martin, S.; Mrozik, K.; Cheong, C.; Diamond, P.; To, L.; Gronthos, S.; Peet, D.; Croucher, P.; Zannettino, A.
2015Systematic screening identifies dual PI3K and mTOR Inhibition as a conserved therapeutic vulnerability in osteosarcomaGupte, A.; Baker, E.; Wan, S.; Stewart, E.; Loh, A.; Shelat, A.; Gould, C.; Chalk, A.; Taylor, S.; Lackovic, K.; Karlström, Å.; Mutsaers, A.; Desai, J.; Madhamshettiwar, P.; Zannettino, A.; Burns, C.; Huang, D.; Dyer, M.; Simpson, K.; Walkley, C.
2011EphB/ephrin-B interactions mediate human MSC attachment, migration and osteochondral differentiationArthur, A.; Zannettino, A.; Panagopoulos, R.; Koblar, S.; Sims, N.; Stylianou, C.; Matsuo, K.; Gronthos, S.
2010Plasma adiponectin levels are markedly elevated in imatinib-treated chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients: A mechanism for improved insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetic CML patients?Fitter, S.; Vandyke, K.; Schultz, C.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Zannettino, A.
2010Comparative assessment of the osteoconductive properties of different biomaterials in vivo seeded with human or ovine mesenchymal stem/stromal cellsZannettino, A.; Paton, S.; Itescu, S.; Gronthos, S.
2011Methods for the purification and characterization of human adipose-derived stem cells.Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.
2011Development of novel monoclonal antibodies that define differentiation stages of human stromal (mesenchymal) stem cellsAndersen, D.; Kortesidis, A.; Zannettino, A.; Kratchmarova, I.; Chen, L.; Jensen, O.; Teisner, B.; Gronthos, S.; Jensen, C.; Kassem, M.
2012Decidua parietalis-derived mesenchymal stromal cells reside in a vascular niche within the choriodeciduaCastrechini, N.; Murthi, P.; Qin, S.; Kusuma, G.; Wilton, L.; Abumaree, M.; Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.; Gude, N.; Brennecke, S.; Kalionis, B.
2011The emerging role of hypoxia, HIF-1 and HIF-2 in multiple myelomaMartin, S.; Diamond, P.; Gronthos, S.; Peet, D.; Zannettino, A.
2018miRNA-376c-3p mediates TWIST-1 inhibition of BMSC osteogenesis and can reduce aberrant bone formation of TWIST-1 haploinsufficient calvarial cellsCamp-Dotlic, E.; Pribadi, C.; Anderson, P.; Zannettino, A.; Gronthos, S.