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2015Hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-2α accelerates disease progression in mouse models of leukemia and lymphoma but is not a poor prognosis factor in human AMLForristal, C.; Brown, A.; Helwani, F.; Winkler, I.; Nowlan, B.; Barbier, V.; Powell, R.; Engler, G.; Diakiw, S.; Zannettino, A.; Martin, S.; Pattabiraman, D.; D'Andrea, R.; Lewis, I.; Levesque, J.
2015Brief report: The differential roles of mTORC1 and mTORC2 in mesenchymal stem cell differentiationMartin, S.; Fitter, S.; Dutta, A.; Matthews, M.; Walkley, C.; Hall, M.; Ruegg, M.; Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.
2011The efficacy of allogeneic mesenchymal precursor cells for the repair of an ovine tibial segmental defectField, J.; Mc Gee, M.; Stanley, R.; Ruthenbeck, G.; Papadimitrakis, T.; Zannettino, A.; Gronthos, S.; Itescu, S.
2009Heat shock protein-90 beta is expressed at the surface of multipotential mesenchymal precursor cells: Generation of a novel monoclonal antibody, STRO-4, with specificity for mesenchymal precursor cells from human and ovine tissuesGronthos, S.; McCarty, R.; Mrozik, K.; Fitter, S.; Paton, S.; Menicanin, D.; Itescu, S.; Bartold, P.; Xian, C.; Zannettino, A.
2014Pharmacologic inhibition of bone resorption prevents cancer-induced osteolysis but enhances soft tissue metastasis in a mouse model of osteolytic breast cancerZinonos, I.; Luo, K.; Labrinidis, A.; Liapis, V.; Hay, S.; Panagopoulos, V.; Denichilo, M.; Ko, C.; Yue, G.; Lau, C.; Ingman, W.; Ponomarev, V.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Zannettino, A.; Evdokiou, A.
2010Positioning of bone marrow hematopoietic and stromal cells relative to blood flow in vivo: serially reconstituting hematopoietic stem cells reside in distinct nonperfused nichesWinkler, I.; Barbier, V.; Wadley, R.; Zannettino, A.; Williams, S.; Levesque, J.
2016Increased miR-155-5p and reduced miR-148a-3p contribute to the suppression of osteosarcoma cell deathBhattacharya, S.; Chalk, A.; Ng, A.; Martin, T.; Zannettino, A.; Purton, L.; Lu, J.; Baker, E.; Walkley, C.
2016Activation of PTHrP-cAMP-CREB1 signaling following p53 loss is essential for osteosarcoma initiation and maintenanceWalia, M.; Ho, P.; Taylor, S.; Ng, A.; Gupte, A.; Chalk, A.; Zannettino, A.; Martin, T.; Walkley, C.
2009TWIST family of basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors mediate human mesenchymal stem cell growth and commitmentIsenmann, S.; Arthur, A.; Zannettino, A.; Turner, J.; Shi, S.; Glackin, C.; Gronthos, S.
2003Receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand expression by human myeloma cells mediates osteoclast formation in vitro and correlates with bone destruction in vivoFarrugia, A.; Atkins, G.; To, L.; Pan, B.; Horvath, N.; Kostakis, P.; Findlay, D.; Bardy, P.; Zannettino, A.