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2013Prenatal exposures and anti-müllerian hormone in female adolescents: the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenFraser, A.; McNally, W.; Sattar, N.; Anderson, E.; Lashen, H.; Fleming, R.; Lawlor, D.; Nelson, S.
2013A population-based cross-sectional study of the association between facial morphology and cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescenceDjordjevic, J.; Lawlor, D.; Zhurov, A.; Toma, A.; Playle, R.; Richmond, S.
2012Do women exhibit greater differences in established and novel risk factors between diabetes and non-diabetes than men? The British Regional Heart Study and British Women's Heart Health StudyWannamethee, S.; Papacosta, O.; Lawlor, D.; Whincup, P.; Lowe, G.; Ebrahim, S.; Sattar, N.
2012Associations of gestational diabetes, existing diabetes, and glycosuria with offspring obesity and cardiometabolic outcomesPatel, S.; Fraser, A.; Smith, G.; Lindsay, R.; Sattar, N.; Nelson, S.; Lawlor, D.
2015External validation and calibration of IVFpredict: a national prospective cohort study of 130,960 in vitro fertilisation cyclesSmith, A.; Tilling, K.; Lawlor, D.; Nelson, S.
2014Haptoglobin duplicon, hemoglobin, and vitamin C: analyses in the British Women's Heart and Health Study and Caerphilly Prospective StudyGuthrie, P.; Abdollahi, M.; Gaunt, T.; Lawlor, D.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Gallacher, J.; Smith, G.; Day, I.; Rodriguez, S.
2013Republished research: Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: randomised controlled trialChalder, M.; Wiles, N.; Campbell, J.; Hollinghurst, S.; Haase, A.; Taylor, A.; Fox, K.; Costelloe, C.; Searle, A.; Baxter, H.; Winder, R.; Wright, C.; Turner, K.; Calnan, M.; Lawlor, D.; Peters, T.; Sharp, D.; Montgomery, A.; Lewis, G.
2016Commentary: two-sample Mendelian randomization: opportunities and challengesLawlor, D.
2015A life course approach to cardiovascular agingHardy, R.; Lawlor, D.; Kuh, D.
2015Birthweight and risk markers for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in childhood: the Child Heart and Health Study in England (CHASE)Nightingale, C.; Rudnicka, A.; Owen, C.; Newton, S.; Bales, J.; Donin, A.; McKay, C.; Steer, P.; Lawlor, D.; Sattar, N.; Cook, D.; Whincup, P.