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2012Effect of age on decisions about the numbers of embryos to transfer in assisted conception: a prospective studyLawlor, D.; Nelson, S.
2012The association of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃ and D₂ with depressive symptoms in childhood - a prospective cohort studyTolppanen, A.; Sayers, A.; Fraser, W.; Lewis, G.; Zammit, S.; Lawlor, D.
2014The association of maternal prenatal psychosocial stress with vascular function in the child at age 10-11 years: findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenVan Dijk, A.; Dawe, K.; Deanfield, J.; Stronks, K.; Gemke, R.; Vrijkotte, T.; Lawlor, D.
2015Re-examining the association between vitamin D and childhood cariesDudding, T.; Thomas, S.; Duncan, K.; Lawlor, D.; Timpson, N.
2013Vitamin D and pre-eclampsia: original data, systematic review and meta-analysisHyppönen, E.; Cavadino, A.; Williams, D.; Fraser, A.; Vereczkey, A.; Fraser, W.; Bánhidy, F.; Lawlor, D.; Czeizel, A.
2014Associations between objectively assessed child and parental physical activity: a cross-sectional study of families with 5-6 year old childrenJago, R.; Sebire, S.; Wood, L.; Pool, L.; Zahra, J.; Thompson, J.; Lawlor, D.
2014Associations of blood pressure change in pregnancy with fetal growth and gestational age at delivery: findings from a prospective cohortMacdonald-Wallis, C.; Tilling, K.; Fraser, A.; Nelson, S.; Lawlor, D.
2013The Active for Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school-based cluster randomised controlled trial protocol: detailed statistical analysis planLawlor, D.; Peters, T.; Howe, L.; Noble, S.; Kipping, R.; Jago, R.
2015Beyond height and weight: a programme of school nurse assessed skinfold measurements from white British and South Asian origin children aged 4-5 years within the Born in Bradford cohort studyWest, J.; Santorelli, G.; Lennon, L.; O'Connell, K.; Corkett, J.; Wright, J.; Brierley, S.; Whincup, P.; Cameron, N.; Lawlor, D.
2013Association of plasma uric acid with ischaemic heart disease and blood pressure: mendelian randomization analysis of two large cohortsPalmer, T.; Nordestgaard, B.; Benn, M.; Tybjarg-Hansen, A.; Smith, G.; Lawlor, D.; Timpson, N.