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2017Cancer screening recommendations for individuals with Li-Fraumeni syndromeKratz, C.; Achatz, M.; Brugieres, L.; Frebourg, T.; Garber, J.; Greer, M.-.L.; Hansford, J.; Janeway, K.; Kohlmann, W.; Mcgee, R.; Mullighan, C.; Onel, K.; Pajtler, K.; Pfister, S.; Savage, S.; Schiffman, J.; Schneider, K.; Strong, L.; Evans, D.; Wasserman, J.; et al.
2017A Children's Oncology Group and TARGET initiative exploring the genetic landscape of Wilms tumorGadd, S.; Huff, V.; Walz, A.; Ooms, A.; Armstrong, A.; Gerhard, D.; Smith, M.; Auvil, J.; Meerzaman, D.; Chen, Q.-.R.; Hsu, C.; Yan, C.; Nguyen, C.; Hu, Y.; Hermida, L.; Davidsen, T.; Gesuwan, P.; Ma, Y.; Zong, Z.; Mungall, A.; et al.
2017High prevalence of relapse in children with Philadelphia-like acute lymphoblastic leukemia despite risk-adapted treatmentHeatley, S.; Sadras, T.; Kok, C.; Nievergall, E.; Quek, K.; Dang, P.; McClure, B.; Venn, N.; Moore, S.; Suttle, J.; Law, T.; Ng, A.; Muskovic, W.; Norris, M.; Revesz, T.; Osborn, M.; Moore, A.; Suppiah, R.; Fraser, C.; Alvaro, F.; et al.
2017CXCR4-expressing Mist1+ progenitors in the gastric antrum contribute to gastric cancer developmentSakitani, K.; Hayakawa, Y.; Deng, H.; Ariyama, H.; Kinoshita, H.; Konishi, M.; Ono, S.; Suzuki, N.; Ihara, S.; Niu, Z.; Kim, W.; Tanaka, T.; Liu, H.; Chen, X.; Tailor, Y.; Fox, J.; Konieczny, S.; Onodera, H.; Sepulveda, A.; Asfaha, S.; et al.
2017Findings in young adults at colonoscopy from a hospital service database auditWong, S.; Lidums, I.; Rosty, C.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Parry, S.; Win, A.; Tomita, Y.; Vatandoust, S.; Townsend, A.; Patel, D.; Hardingham, J.; Roder, D.; Smith, E.; Drew, P.; Marker, J.; Uylaki, W.; Hewett, P.; Worthley, D.; Symonds, E.; Young, G.; et al.
2017Antenatal suppression of il-1 protects against inflammation-induced fetal injury and improves neonatal and developmental outcomes in miceNadeau-Vallée, M.; Chin, P.; Belarbi, L.; Brien, M.; Pundir, S.; Berryer, M.; Beaudry-Richard, A.; Madaan, A.; Sharkey, D.; Lupien-Meilleur, A.; Hou, X.; Quiniou, C.; Beaulac, A.; Boufaied, I.; Boudreault, A.; Carbonaro, A.; Doan, N.; Joyal, J.; Lubell, W.; Olson, D.; et al.