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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A new avenue for classification and prediction of olive cultivars using supervised and unsupervised algorithmsBeiki, A.H.; Saboor, S.; Ebrahimi, M.
2012A novel retinoblastoma therapy from genomic and epigenetic analysesZhang, J.; Benavente, C.; McEvoy, J.; Flores-Otero, J.; Ding, L.; Chen, X.; Ulyanov, A.; Wu, G.; Wilson, M.; Wang, J.; Brennan, R.; Rusch, M.; Manning, A.; Ma, J.; Easton, J.; Shurtleff, S.; Mullighan, C.; Pounds, S.; Mukatira, S.; Gupta, P.; et al.
2012Pharmacokinetics of oxycodone after subcutaneous administration in a critically ill population compared with a healthy cohortKrishnamurthy, R.; Upton, R.; Fajumi, A.; Lai, S.; Charlton, C.; Ousley, R.; Martinez, A.; McConnell, H.; O'Connor, S.; Ong, J.; Macintyre, P.; Chapman, M.; Ludbrook, G.
2012Determinants of family satisfaction in the intensive care unitSundararajan, K.; Sullivan, T.; Chapman, M.
2012Role of bacterial and fungal biofilms in chronic rhinosinusitisForeman, A.; Boase, S.; Psaltis, A.; Wormald, P.
2012Changing trends in sinus and septal surgery, 2007 to 2009Psaltis, A.; Soler, Z.; Nguyen, S.; Schlosser, R.
2012Multi-institutional evaluation of a sinus surgery checklistSoler, Z.; Poetker, D.; Rudmik, L.; Psaltis, A.; Clinger, J.; Mace, J.; Smith, T.
2012A systematic review of the endoscopic repair of cerebrospinal fluid leaksPsaltis, A.; Schlosser, R.; Banks, C.; Yawn, J.; Soler, Z.
2012Using pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics to optimise dosing of antifungal agents in critically ill patients: a systematic reviewSinnollareddy, M.; Peake, S.; Roberts, M.; Lipman, J.; Roberts, J.
2012End points for Phase II trials in intensive care: recommendations from the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Group consensus panel meetingYoung, P.; Hodgson, C.; Dulhunty, J.; Saxena, M.; Bailey, M.; Bellomo, R.; Davies, A.; Finfer, S.; Kruger, P.; Lipman, J.; Myburgh, J.; Peake, S.; Seppelt, I.; Streat, S.; Tate, R.; Webb, S.