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2013Testing a capacity-load model for hypertension: disentangling early and late growth effects on childhood blood pressure in a prospective birth cohortGrijalva-Eternod, C.; Lawlor, D.; Wells, J.
2013Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and cardiometabolic health in adolescent offspringFraser, A.; Nelson, S.; MacDonald-Wallis, C.; Sattar, N.; Lawlor, D.
2013Does a history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy help predict future essential hypertension? Findings from a prospective pregnancy cohort studyCallaway, L.; Mamun, A.; McIntyre, H.; Williams, G.; Najman, J.; Nitert, M.; Lawlor, D.
2013Loss to follow-up in cohort studies: bias in estimates of socioeconomic inequalitiesHowe, L.; Tilling, K.; Galobardes, B.; Lawlor, D.
2013Distinct relationships of intramuscular and subcutaneous fat with cortical bone: findings from a cross-sectional study of young adult males and femalesDeere, K.; Sayers, A.; Viljakainen, H.; Lawlor, D.; Sattar, N.; Kemp, J.; Fraser, W.; Tobias, J.
2013Apolipoprotein E genotype, cardiovascular biomarkers and risk of stroke: systematic review and meta-analysis of 14 015 stroke cases and pooled analysis of primary biomarker data from up to 60 883 individualsKhan, T.; Shah, T.; Prieto, D.; Zhang, W.; Price, J.; Fowkes, G.; Cooper, J.; Talmud, P.; Humphries, S.; Sundstrom, J.; Hubacek, J.; Ebrahim, S.; Lawlor, D.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Abdollahi, M.; Slooter, A.; Szolnoki, Z.; Sandhu, M.; Wareham, N.; Frikke-Schmidt, R.; et al.
2013Physical activity during pregnancy and language development in the offspringJukic, A.; Lawlor, D.; Juhl, M.; Owe, K.; Lewis, B.; Liu, J.; Wilcox, A.; Longnecker, M.
2013A population-based cross-sectional study of the association between facial morphology and cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescenceDjordjevic, J.; Lawlor, D.; Zhurov, A.; Toma, A.; Playle, R.; Richmond, S.
2013Anti-Müllerian hormone is not associated with cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescent femalesAnderson, E.; Fraser, A.; McNally, W.; Sattar, N.; Lashen, H.; Fleming, R.; Nelson, S.; Lawlor, D.
2013Association of maternal vitamin D status during pregnancy with bone-mineral content in off spring: a prospective cohort studyLawlor, D.; Wills, A.; Fraser, A.; Sayers, A.; Fraser, W.; Tobias, J.