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2013Atrial fibrillation: profile and burden of an evolving epidemic in the 21st centuryBall, J.; Carrington, M.; McMurray, J.; Stewart, S.
2013Pressure points in primary care: blood pressure and management of hypertension in 532 050 patients from 2005 to 2010Carrington, M.; Jennings, G.; Stewart, S.
2013Trends in stroke incidence after hospitalization for atrial fibrillation in Sweden 1987 to 2006Olsson, L.; Swedberg, K.; Lappas, G.; Stewart, S.; Rosengren, A.
2013Angina and intermittent claudication in 7403 participants of the 2003 Scottish Health Survey: impact on general and mental health, quality of life and five-year mortalityInglis, S.; Lewsey, J.; Lowe, G.; Jhund, P.; Gillies, M.; Stewart, S.; Capewell, S.; Macintyre, K.; McMurray, J.
2013Impaired B-type natriuretic peptide effets on neutrophil burst in heart failure patientsLiu, S.; Ngo, D.; Chirkov, Y.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.; American Heart Association 2013 Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium (16 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013 : Dallas, TX)
2013Patient preferences and willingness-to-pay for a home or clinic based program of chronic heart failure management: findings from the which? trialWhitty, J.; Stewart, S.; Carrington, M.; Calderone, A.; Marwick, T.; Horowitz, J.; Krum, H.; Davidson, P.; Macdonald, P.; Reid, C.; Scuffham, P.
2013Navigating the fine line between benefit and risk in chronic atrial fibrillation: rationale and design of the Standard versus Atrial Fibrillation spEcific managemenT studY (SAFETY)Carrington, M.; Ball, J.; Horowitz, J.; Marwick, T.; Mahadevan, G.; Wong, C.; Abhayaratna, W.; Haluska, B.; Thompson, D.; Scuffham, P.; Stewart, S.
2013Most individuals with treated blood pressures above target receive only one or two antihypertensive drug classesCampbell, D.; McGrady, M.; Prior, D.; Coller, J.; Boffa, U.; Shiel, L.; Liew, D.; Wolfe, R.; Stewart, S.; Reid, C.; Krum, H.
2013NT-proB natriuretic peptide, risk factors and asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction: Results of the SCReening Evaluation of the Evolution of New Heart Failure Study (SCREEN-HF)McGrady, M.; Reid, C.; Shiel, L.; Wolfe, R.; Boffa, U.; Liew, D.; Campbell, D.; Prior, D.; Stewart, S.; Krum, H.